Robert Barany

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Austrian physician who developed a rotational method for testing the middle ear (1876-1936)


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If you want to know what it feels like, you can experience spatial disorientation in a Barany Chair, as depicted in the image at right during a demonstration for a group of high school students at Laughlin Air Force Base.
One excellent opportunity appears regularly at all the major air shows and many fly-in events: the opportunity to personally experience sensory illusions in a Barany chair, a Vertigon, a GYRO, or a Virtual Reality Spatial Disorientation Demonstrator (VRSDD).
Absent use of a training device like a USAF Barany chair pictured at right, the FAA has helpfully recommended certain maneuvers for pilots who want the experience in a controlled situation.
Experience spatial disorientation illusions in a device such as a Barany chair, a Virtual Reality Spatial Disorientation Demonstrator, or similar.