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an examination conducted at regular intervals to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction


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There are about 40% samples which deviate from the suitability standard of Accelerated Mortar Bar Test. Mineralogical studies of Jhelum river aggregate revealed that most of the aggregate components (Sandstone, Quartz Arenite) are suitable for construction but some of these are highly susceptible to alkali silica reaction due to the presence of highly strained quartz.
same conditions as for the accelerated mortar bar test following ASTM C1260-14 (2014) standard.
[6.] ISO/DIS 18489, Polyethylene Pipes--Resistance to Slow Crack Growth--Cracked Round Bar Test Method, ISO/DIS 18489 CEN, Brussels (2014).
Picture: Code zz201010GymnasticsHannah-6 BAR TEST: Hannah Whelan on the asymmetric bars at the World Gymnastic Championships in Rotterdam Picture: Code zz201010GymnasticsHannah-2
Using methods from ASTM C 1260 Multi-Laboratory Study of the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test for Alkali-Silica Reaction, staff at the Mannvit Engineering-housed facility prepared specimens from control (100% portland cement) and ash (5% portland cement substitution) mixes.
Davidson, who was BAR test driver and raced for Super Aguri last season, said: "I will be speaking to Ferrari to put my name forward.
L., 2007, "Numerical simulation and experimental study of a mechanism for Hopkinson bar test interruption," The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 42(3), pp.
In addition, Lau said it possesses excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation with a below zero critical temperature(Tc) performance at 5 bar test pressure as measured by the ISO 13477 Small Scale Steady State (S-4) Test.
Dow says it also demonstrates excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation, with a critical temperature (Tc) below 0[degrees]C at 5 bar test pressure, as measured by the ISO 13477 Small Scale Steady State (S-4) Test.
Rhiannon, 10, began dancing when she was about four-and-a-half years old and has recently taken her gold bar test.
The future of BAR test driver Anthony Davidson was no clearer yesterday as Formula One's new mystery team remained a closely-guarded secret.
The Brazilian was promised a BAR test after winning last year's IRL title in a Honda-engined Andretti Green car and he will finally take up the opportunity at Jerez in Spain.
The Brazilian was promised a BAR test after winning last year's IRL title and he will take up the opportunity at Jerez in Spain
Button was joined at the test by Northern Irishman Adam Carroll, who is settling into life as an official BAR test driver.