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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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This blog is focused on education with some excellent FAQ sections on the most popular bar codes such as Code 128, Code 39, ISBN, UPC and QR codes.
With Ward, they now plan to analyze each fish sample by decoding a certain tiny piece of DNA that can serve as a unique bar code for the species.
In some of the Valley's older neighborhoods where there are still door mail slots, the bar codes have been placed inside the mail slot to keep them dry from the rain.
Bar codes are a more efficient means of entering repetitive data into a computer than keyboards.
Patient Safety Innovator and Wristband Identification Leader Collaborate to Best Serve the Needs of Healthcare Organizations in Bar Code Point of Care Technology
Bar codes are as familiar as a trip to buy groceries.
Enhanced RFID Support; Powerful Print Manager Option; No Pain All Gain Trade Up Make Version 6 of MarkMagic Bar Code Label RFID Tag and SM@RT Forms Software Most Powerful Yet
The new Intermec Intellibeam(TM) EX25 scan engine reads and decodes 1D and 2D bar codes in any orientation from six inches to 50 feet, as well as composite and postal codes.
Bar Code allows IT professionals to use bar code devices to capture IT asset information directly into the Numara Track-It
The initial MDI Hospital patient safety system used linear bar codes on patient wristbands and laser scanners for reading wristbands and medication labels within the pharmacy as well as at the point-of-care.
Bar codes and RFID technology could significantly reduce this risk.
Aztec bar code is more space-efficient than other bar codes with the ability to encode up to 3750 characters.
0 of its popular BARZ_OUT Pro(TM) bar code output software, which has several new features that make it easy for Linux and UNIX system users to print bar codes on documents and reports.