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white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures

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There are numerous benefits of introducing a nice bar fridge to your wet home bar and some of the below listed point will present you a strong reason to have one for your sweet home.
Riders' Co-op products for 2014 include a bar fridge, hard hat, lounge chair, food cooler and energy drink.
One person would upgrade from a bar fridge to a full-sized fridge.
Fran has been told that all the staff in the pub denied putting sodium hydroxide in a drinks bottle or the bar fridge.
While highballs, all-purpose goblets, seasonal margarita statements and the Wine Cellar bar fridge by Cuisinart are helping to steamroll the retailer's barware business, "I wish I had a particular fashion that's driving [the category]," she said.
Stylish taps from Carron Phoenix completed the look and a proper bar fridge by Interlevin was also an essential piece of kit, especially for a man who,until recently, lived in Australia and has a penchant for ice cold beer.