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small genus of shrubs and lianas and trees of Africa and Madagascar

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II, Ipomoea involucrata; AH, Acalypha hispida; BN, Breynia nivosa; JC, Jatropha curcas; CO, Chromolaena odorata; MM, Macrolobium macrophyllum; EI, Eleusine indica; BNI, Baphia nitida; BA, Burkea africana; CA, Cassia alata; TAE, tannic acid equivalent.
Rare mussel occurrences described from the Cenomanian Cretaceous of eastern Nebraska include "Unio (Baphia?) nebrascensis" Meek (1) and "Unio Barbouri" White (2) from the Dakota Formation in Dakota and Jefferson Counties, respectively.
Panicum maximum, Sporobolus pyramidalis and Vertiveria fulvibarbis constitute the dominant grass species in the grazing area while, thickets (mainly browse species) with Griffonia simplicifolia, Baphia nitida and Milletia thoningii were present [6].
Such indigenous species selected include Dactyledenia barterii Alchonea cordifolia Anthonata macrophylla, Baphia nitida Baphia pubescence Cnetis feruginea, dailium guineense Harungana madagascariensis, Milletia aboensis, Napoleaonia imperalis and Nulea Latifolia.
They consist of Lagenaria breviflorus and Baphia nitida among others (Ampofo, 1977).