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a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa

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How can I, an Ochieng, be Bantu? It is not unthinkable.
Her incisive analysis draws on her extensive fieldwork in Bantu Somali communities in the US and Somalia.
Selope Thema, the editor of the Johannesburg-based newspaper The Bantu World, "a great synthesizer of world historical experiences and visions" who influenced writers who would become prominent during the 1950s (Masilela, "Theorising" 90; "New African" 35).
"UMOJA Festival," a peace festival to end conflict between the Pygmies and Bantus will be held from July 26 to 28 near Bukavu, a city in the eastern part of Congo.
[...] tal foi a influencia dos sudaneses na Bahia, pelo numero e pela maior riqueza dos seus elementos miticos, originando uma especie de religiao geral jeje-nago, que o proprio Nina Rodrigues teve as suas vistas desviadas de qualquer outro tema negro religioso que nao fosse jeje-nago, muito embora tivessem entrado tambem negros bantus, principalmente, angolenses na Bahia.
Bantu men fish, hunt and are involved in agricultural work--selecting the fields, cutting the trees, clearing the soil and burning debris.
Kwame Bantu, 65, of south London, told MailOnline his hands and feet were tied up by the crew on the flight from London Gatwick to Jamaica.
This article discusses the impact of linguistic and non-linguistic factors on the use of the pre-prefix in an under-described Bantu language spoken in Tanzania.
Las culturas yoruba y bantu, siendo tradicionales y extremadamente conectadas con la naturaleza, hacen parte de una filosofia que es "fruicao entre uma grandeza e outra.
Somali Bantu refers to a minority group that lived by the Juba and Shabelle rivers in Somalia and faced persecution in the recent Somalian civil wars.
It is possible that the word ma'at may have been corrupted to read muthu, umuntu, botho and munhu which are Bantu (3) terms referring to a human being.
The DNA also shines light on Africans' genetic makeup before speakers of an early Bantu language spread from West Africa into central and southern regions some 3,000 years ago.