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a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa

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UMOJA Festival," a peace festival to end conflict between the Pygmies and Bantus will be held from July 26 to 28 near Bukavu, a city in the eastern part of Congo.
In Bolozo, there are significant conflicts between the Bantu and the Baka people, leading to the division of the village into two areas, separated by a 5-km forest track.
Pero a decir de Luis Soto, Medico Veterinario Zootecnista (MVZ) del Zoologico de Guadalajara, Jalisco, y encargado del cuidado de Chencha, de 32 anos, y Faustina, de 23, madre e hija respectivamente, pre vio al intento de apareamiento con Bantu se analizaron propuestas de zoologicos del extranjero, principalmente Estados Unidos y Europa, y expreso a Proceso que pese a la actual reestriccion de importar y exportar primates se puede apelar a "la excepcion" de aquellos destinados a la investigacion cientifica.
In the forty chapters, the book covers the most important elements of Swahili morphosyntax, including a separate chapter for each Swahili verb form: passive, stative, causative, prepositional, and reciprocal (which the book's blurb somewhat inaccurately describes as 'various verb typologies'); basic tenses (present, past, future); conditional tenses (nge, ngali and -ki-), as well as the -ka tense, which is unique to Swahili and Bantu languages; and the subjunctive tense/mood.
The Boeing 777 aircraft was diverted to a Portuguese air force base on Terceira, an island in the mid-Atlantic where Mr Bantu and fellow passenger Joy Stoney - who says she tried to help him - were removed from the plane.
So it's not a homogeneous group with a single idea about who has the label Somali Bantu, and people go back and forth across the divide.
There is not a time in the life of a Bantu person when he or she ceases to live by the dictates of hunhu/ubuntu.
The earliest inhabitants of Congo were Pygmy peoples, who were largely replaced and absorbed by Bantu tribes during Bantu expansions.
Teen pregnancy is also rife among Baka girls; those who don't fall pregnant with classmates are often seduced by local Bantu men.
The four arrested have been identified as Rakesh Sethi ( 45), Bantu Nagpal ( 33), Sanjay Hasija ( 32) and Vishu Sethi ( 22).
SPILLOVER: ANIMAL INFECTIONS AND THE NEXT HUMAN PANDEMIC follows the author's personal quest for answers on how animal infections affect humans, and began twelve years ago in Central Africa where he discussed the outbreak of Ebola with two Bantu village men.
Here, the Bantu peoples of South Africa--Black South Africans were at times officially called Bantu--were not considered a homogenous population, instead they formed "separate national units on the basis of language and culture" (Oomen, p.
The unbalance is explained by the fact that one of the two genealogical groups where this type of system is found, Bantu, consists of more than 500 languages and is therefore represented in the sample by a higher number of languages compared to smaller genera.
Although difficult to count, it is estimated the population of Somalia is over 7 million, with about 600,000 of those Bantu (Van Lehman & Eno, 2003).
After graduating from Pretoria Bantu National College, Tutu taught at Johannesburg Bantu High School and later the Munsienville High School in Mogale City.