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a member of any of a large number of linguistically related peoples of Central and South Africa

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Tutu resigned from the school to protest the poor educational standards for black South Africans after the passage of the Bantu Education Act in 1953.
Semi Bantu (64%) consume vegetables more than the other ethnic groups (Table 1).
The centre will be a commemoration of the works, life and legacy of the anti-apartheid activist and stalwart, Bantu Steven Biko, the world renowned leader of the Black Consciousness Movement.
Somali Bantu Community Association of SA - a $6,600 contribution for a teacher to help 300 young people at the Homework Club at the Mansfield Community Hall.
Ubulawu preparations are a popular means of administering psychoactive plants in the traditional healing practices in southern Africa, yet many of the details of their use including their mechanisms of psychoactive action, psychological affects, cultural importance and their healing role in the initiation process of Southern Bantu diviners have been poorly researched.
Indeed there is an old Bantu proverb which asserts that it takes a whole village to bring up a child.
Toward Transcultural Training in Phonological Processes for Bantu Language Mother Tongue Translators.
The special school allows these children to study at least for a few years in an environment free from the discrimination and prejudice often suffered by central Africa s various Pygmy groups at the hands of majority Bantu peoples.
Ubuntu is a Bantu word which defines what it means to be truly human.
We contacted Bantu after extensive research on IM and presence tools.
I shall argue that the "scenarios of representation" obtaining in Umteteli Wa Bantu inserted Africans into an economy that moralised the imperatives of labour in particular ways, to the extent that the meanings presented by the African body did not function outside of the "specific conditions, limits and modalities" prescribed by racial subjectivity as a construct and effect of the law (Hall 1999).
In addition to Dutch, with which the language shares nearly 90% of its vocabulary, Afrikaans reflects an eclectic vocabulary borrowing from various coexistent languages in the region including English, Portuguese, Malay, San, and Bantu.
The deceased was identified as Bantu, who was on duty at the boiler room when the explosion took place.
Hendrik Verwoerd, the prime minister who was one of the architects of apartheid in the 1940s, said a Bantu must not be subjected to an education that shows him "the green pastures of European society in which he was not allowed to graze.