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a public announcement of a proposed marriage

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The General Synod also agreed that the cost of publishing the banns of marriage should increase from pounds 16 to pounds 18.
that he consented to the proclamation of their Banns of Marriage but does not think himself virtually married to Isobell Kyd Being interrogated, if he had any solid Objection against marrying her, he answered--He could not lead his Life with her and be happy.
Martyn commenced by proclaiming banns of marriage for the second time for two Longwood Parishioners, James Dennis Robinson and Alice Rose Reynard, and following this with prayers for this couple.
Prior to the service Janet proclaimed, for the first time, banns of marriage between James Dennis Robinson and Alice Rose Reynard.
Jane proclaimed banns of marriage, for the third time, between Jason Swales and Jane Margaret Williams and Robert Joel Armitage and Nicola Jane Morgan.