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a public announcement of a proposed marriage

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Martyn commenced by proclaiming banns of marriage for the second time for two Longwood Parishioners, James Dennis Robinson and Alice Rose Reynard, and following this with prayers for this couple.
Prior to the service Janet proclaimed, for the first time, banns of marriage between James Dennis Robinson and Alice Rose Reynard.
Jane proclaimed banns of marriage, for the third time, between Jason Swales and Jane Margaret Williams and Robert Joel Armitage and Nicola Jane Morgan.
Banns of marriage, for the second time of asking, were read by Tina, for John Stuart Bailey and Karen Nichol, for their wedding in Lindley on February 14.
Philip proclaimed banns of marriage for Peter James Fawcett and Nicola Kerry Simpson, for the third time, and then Linda concluded the service with a prayer and a blessing for all present.
Communion, and individual blessings followed and the final song I Danced In The Morningresounded around the church and Jim reannounced the three Banns of Marriage of last week, for the second time of asking, together with another set for the first time for Simon Edward Cotterill and Victoria Louise Fish.
Before the final blessing Jim proclaimed the Banns of Marriage between Lee Joseph Cleminson and Sally Clarkson for the second time of asking.