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a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank

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Katy Lomax, Head of Marketing at Plusnet, volunteered at the session held on Friday at the Bankers Draft in Sheffield City Centre.
The bankers draft turns out to be a good forgery, leaving the motorist pounds 2,000 out of pocket.
The bankers draft looks genuine but are discovered as forgeries when they are tried to be paid.
With your proxy bidding form you must include cash or a bankers draft to cover your reservation fee.
She has refused to accept cheques or a bankers draft and added: "I am not holding my breath.
Their victim is called by a well-spoken person who sends a mechanic out to view the car and has a bankers draft for the agreed amount.
POLICE have released CCTV footage of a man they say bought a pounds 15,000 diamond ring off eBay using a fake bankers draft.
A request for a pounds 15,000 bankers draft was refused - but by then Mr Lockwood had lost pounds 12,500 to pounds 13,000, the court heard.
If you have the `readies' to pay up front you can pay by cash, alternatively pay with a cheque, bankers draft, or on your credit card.
I have had a flood of calls from businesses whose VAT cheques have bounced and who are being threatened with surcharges and told that in future they must pay by bankers draft or in cash.
He then darted into the appropriately-named Bankers Draft pub to hide.
Jeffs told the buyer she required a bankers draft but claimed she had not received it although the man later discovered it had been cashed.
Payment at the office can be made by cheque (payable to The Football League Limited and covered by a bankers card), bankers draft, credit card, switch/debit card or cash.
If you have readies, you can pay by cash, cheque, bankers draft, or on your credit card.
The club last week handed the players' union, the PFAI, a bankers draft for the sum they owe.