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a record of deposits and withdrawals and interest held by depositors at certain banks


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However, Type II and Type III accounts cannot accept cash deposit or withdrawal, and have no corresponding bank cards or bankbooks.
Some matured funds in time deposits headed to CDs (certificate of deposits) issued with bankbooks for customers rather than certificates, which mainly contributed to a sharp decline in funds in time deposits.
The rules will also oblige banks to reimburse depositors whose savings were withdrawn with stolen bankbooks, the sources said.
The sight of pink bankbooks brandished by new account holders determined to do their bit is heartwarming.
They further emphasize that these bankbooks are in safekeeping and that a child can have a fair amount saved by the time she is grown up and is given her bank balance.
Do not leave money, bankbooks, debit or credit cards in your vehicle.
Also working in EI's favor is an established revenue stream, whereas latecomers had to dig into their bankbooks to play catch-up.
Bank officials said customers of the former DKB are unable to use their cash cards or bankbooks at ATMs located at former Fuji Bank branches and vice versa.
In addition, the student found bond accounts and bankbooks for 16 different US accounts in Yetta's name, the balances of which added up to almost $600,000
a trucking company, and Koichi Ueda, 48, former president of a Nara Sagawa affiliate, are suspected of opening bank accounts under the name of five police officers without their permission or knowledge, and then fraudulently acquiring bankbooks and cash cards in September 1995.
When the plaintiffs were in Japan, the company forced them to deposit their wages in the state-run postal saving system and told them to give back their bankbooks when they returned to the Korean Peninsula.
He is still investigating the culpability of the owner and the general manager, who will be lucky to escape with their bankbooks.
Bankbooks are a great way to reinforce lessons about addition and subtraction.
2 for-pay Internet service provider (thanks in part to a marriage of minds and bankbooks with equally well-regarded Mindspring last year and other deals with communications firms such as Sprint); and gracefully stepped out of the way to let skilled veteran managers run the booming business's day-to-day operations.
Some better-off women may be reluctant to show their bankbooks to their husbands.