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a periodic statement prepared by a bank for each client

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Bank statements played a key role when balancing a checkbook was common.
The Muslim Commercial Bank did activate my account from dormancy provided that I pay Rs500 statement charges (since I have NICOP-NIC for overseas Pakistanis), which I was always told that bank statements are free.
This cartel specialised in UK, Canada and Schengen visas, Nigerian passports, bank statements, various countries' immigration stamps and letter of introduction from corporate organisations,' Lawal said.
Fraudster: Jackson Hart, 23, fabricated bank statements and took out loans in the name of his ex's mum
The store's owner and an employee, both Bahrainis, were arrested after they agreed to forge a bank statement and three doctor's stamps for BD100 for an undercover agent in May, according to court documents.
The state Real Estate Agency, which oversees licensing of real estate brokers and property managers, also found that by misrepresenting his company's finances and altering a bank statement, Shockley "committed an act of fraud or engaged in dishonest conduct.
You could always decide to go paperless with your bank statements - which would be good for the environment too.
White taxi drivers were unable to renew their car licences as traffic departments required bank statements showing regular payment of instalments as a condition to renew the licence, the ECESR said.
If you're a lender or servicer of any size and you haven't seen falsified bank statements come across your desk on a regular basis, then chances are you just aren't catching them.
The move to submit bank statements will help clamp down on forged documents and ensure that rules are followed across the board.
With a third of Welsh adults too scared to take a peek at their bank statements, more than in any other part of the UK, we are often heading to the shops with no idea of how much we have to spend; 35% of Welsh adults are spending in blissful ignorance, with women slightly guiltier than men of shopping without knowing how much cash they have in the bank (33% versus 28%).
based Bank of America's (NYSE: BAC) global banking and global markets businesses Bank of America Merrill Lynch said it now offers electronic bank statements to clients who have SWIFT Standardized Corporate Environment (SCORE) membership.
For most consumers, this means that they now receive scanned images of their canceled checks in bank statements rather than the actual canceled checks; in some cases, they are not receiving even those.
Driving licences, bank statements and work permits - all legitimate forms of ID - can be snapped up from just pounds 10 each.
HERE is a cautionary tale for all who cannot be bothered to check bills and bank statements.