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the central bank of Japan

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While it is true that the Prime Minister Abe wants Japan Inc to raise wages in the spring wage negotiations to boost private consumptions, I do not believe this alone will trigger a monetary "taper" from the Bank of Japan. Both Abe and Kuroda know full well that this could lead to a yen spiral above 100 and essentially kill Abenomics.
Fed's cautious rate policy and the Bank of Japan's aggressive stimulus, the yen is expected to weaken further this year, analysts say, a move that would benefit Japanese companies because it makes their exports more affordable in foreign currencies, including the dollar, whose strength has battered U.S.
-- Bank of Japan to hold two-day meeting of its decision-making Policy Board through Oct.4.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's new conservative government wants the Bank of Japan to set an inflation target of 2 per cent.
A clash with the Bank of Japan is unlikely at this point.
Many central banks are now trying to enhance this expectations channel through clearer communications.The Bank of Japan is no exception in this regard.
When quantitative easing failed, the call went out to combine quantitative easing with "inflation targeting." If only the Bank of Japan would set, say, a 2 percent target for inflation and promise to create enough money until the target was reached, then surely inflation would return--or so it was claimed.
But it is the duty of the political world, which is responsible for maintaining stability in people's lives, to treat the appointment of the Bank of Japan governor and the issue of budget deliberations as entirely separate matters.
Frank Smets and Bank of Japan policy board member Dr.
Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Toshihiko Fukui apparently believes quantitative easing worked to stop Japan's deflationary downturn, and therefore it must have the power to give an additional push to Japan's economic recovery and eradicate deflation.
The Industrial Bank of Japan Trust Company, a subsidiary of The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited (a member of the Mizuho Financial Group) provided Common Ground with bridge financing in the amount of $2.1 million.
A consortium of major insurance companies and trust banks led by Nippon Life Insurance Co., Japan's largest life insurer, and including a unit of Germany's Deutsche Bank AG, has launched a joint venture, the Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd.
The Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ), Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan (LTCB) and Nippon Credit Bank (NCB) said Thursday they will slash their long-term prime
TOKYO, March 9 Kyodo The Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) said Tuesday that it will cut its long-term prime lending rate by 0.3 percentage point to 2.6% per annum effective on Wednesday.
(Americans place more than 50 percent of their financial assets in stocks and other securities, according to Bank of Japan comparisons.) Sadly, more than half of Japan's considerable savings sits in deposit accounts earning only about 1.5 or 2 percent.