Bank of England

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the central bank of England and Wales

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I seemed to look strange at it, and told him I knew not what he meant; that I had no effects in the Bank of England that I knew of; and I hoped he could not say that I had ever told him I had.
'I asked you last night,' said I, speaking to him, 'if ever I made any boast to you of my estate, or ever told you I had any estate in the Bank of England or anywhere else, and you owned I had not, as is most true; and I desire you will tell me here, before your sister, if ever I gave you any reason from me to think so, or that ever we had any discourse about it'; and he owned again I had not, but said I had appeared always as a woman of fortune, and he depended on it that I was so, and hoped he was not deceived.
Any pray, madam,' said I, turning myself to her, 'be so just to me, before your brother, to charge me, if you can, if ever I pretended to you that I had an estate; and why, if I had, should I come down into this country with you on purpose to spare that little I had, and live cheap?' She could not deny one word, but said she had been told in London that I had a very great fortune, and that it lay in the Bank of England.
"I should make for the Bank of England, a penny 'bus along that way will take you - and ask again there."
"The night we anchored in Falmouth Bay, thinking then of taking our gold straight to the Bank of England, as eccentric lucky diggers - that night I thought would be the last for one or other of us.
If you consent to come with us to Scotland, and serve as witness to the marriage, I shall be delighted to acknowledge my sense of your kindness in the eloquent language of the Bank of England, as expressed to the world in general on the surface of a five-pound note."
(Frizinghall was our nearest town, and the Bank of England wasn't safer than the bank there.) "If I were you, sir," I added, "I would ride straight away with it to Frizinghall before the ladies come back."
"I have been working in London for four months," he writes; "I have been to the Bank of England and elsewhere; and I have not found one man who will put one shilling into the telephone."
UK-based De La Rue, which prints all Bank of England notes at a facility in Essex, will provide 45 per cent of the substrate for the initial launch stock of PS50 notes, and CCL 55 per cent, from next year.
Finding a candidate with the right skills and experience to lead the Bank of England is vital for ensuring the continuing strength of our economy and for maintaining the UKs position as a leading global financial centre.
The Bank of England is moving to polymer notes because they are harder wearing than the existing cotton-paper versions and can include a whole raft of new security measures to prevent counterfeiting.
The director general of HM Revenue and Customs' (HMRC) strategy group is leaving for Bank of England.
The Board would include the Chancellor, Secretary of State for Business and the Governor of the Bank of England, and it would co-ordinate the promotion of investment, employment and higher wages.
The Bank of England said some banks and building societies may continue to accept the old fiver after May 5: people should check their own bank or building society's policy.
Among all the risks to the U.K.'s economy, splitting from the EU ranks as "the most significant," the Bank of England's monetary policymaking committee reported.
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