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a check issued by the officer of a bank on the banks own account (not that of a private person)

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The ward boy took out the bank cheque worth over Rs 1.
It was only when Beadle tried to settle his bill on April 22 with a British bank cheque that police were called.
The police urged the public and companies to quickly report such cases of fraud to the police whether it's a bank cheque or documents.
Eight ATM cards, more than 10 bank cheque books and hundreds of precious stones were also seized from the house that belongs to the father- in- law of the suspect Santosh Das alias Ghanashyam Das, who hails from Nayagarh district of the state.
Each award will be in the form of a signed certificate/plaque and a bank cheque for use at the students' discretion.
He said: "I expected them to pay with a Royal Bank cheque.
They include dishonestly destroying, defacing, concealing or falsifying a bank cheque stub.
She also denies a charge of forgery, relating to a signature on a bank cheque, in July last year.
In addition, tiered interest rates for the Wesleyan's Savings Bank Cheque Account will go up by 0.
Besides a networking opportunity for senior executives, MEFX will also feature the latest devices related to the industry, like mobile bank cheque and currency readers.
She presented him with a Drummond Bank cheque for pounds 1,279 made out in her name dated February 4, 2004, and signed "Shaftesbury" - which she said the bank had rejected - but later said he had refused to pay.
Paul McCarthy, 40, of Hagley Road, Edgbaston, failed to surrender to custody while on bail, using a false bank cheque, dishonestly obtained a money transfer worth pounds 2,500, stole pounds 250 from Nat West Bank, stole pounds 500 from Lloyds TSB Bank, attempted to steal pounds 1,600 from Nat West Bank, fined pounds 50, costs pounds 55, three months' imprisonment suspended for 18 months, 150 hours' unpaid work'
The raid on a Securicor van outside the Midland Bank cheque centre in Salford happened on July 3, 1995.
The recipients of zakat have expressed their gratitude to zakat department Rawalpindi for changing the system of distribution of zakat from cheque system to easy paisa system saying that the bank cheque system had become source of perpetual nuisance for them particularly for the ailing persons, elderly and ladies recipients who had to spend the whole day long in queues before the bank cash counters for collection of zakat money.