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a city in Indonesia

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(47) BOROWY y HARDY, Of Medicine and men; BROWN y FEE, "The Bandoeng Conference", p.
Blok, 'Aanleg en onderhoud van wegen in de buitengewesten: prae-advies BOW', in Nederlandsch-Indisch Wegen Congres Bandoeng: prae-adviezen, prae-adviezen van het bestuur, verslagen (Bandung, 1924), pp.
One in particular needs mention: the resourceful Mickey de Jonge, matron at Bandoeng. She later was captured and tortured by the Japanese but made her way home to more danger in occupied Holland.
The mythology ends with a splendid line: "We therefore see that the |beautiful images' of Lost Continent cannot be innocent: it cannot be innocent to lose the continent which has just found itself again at Bandoeng" (M 96).
de Graaf, Geschiedenis van Indonesia fs-Gravenhage and Bandoeng: W.
La palme d'or de ce paysage apocalyptique revient au quartier Verdun, Smat, loin devant le rond point Bandoeng, la rue Mohamed Diouri du cote de la poste Bandoeng.
Abdullah, Celebrated Singer and Kronchong Artiste', 'Miss Tarminah (Semarang), HMV Recording Artiste' and 'Miss Amelia (Bandoeng), Reputable Kronchong Singer of Chap Singer [sic]' were scheduled to sing in the Fun and Frolic Stadium in Singapore on 5, 6 and 7August (Sunday Gazette, 31 July 1938).
This has its roots in colonial experiments in the fields of architectural and urban design, like MacLaine Pont's buildings for the Bandoeng Technische Hoogeschool (now ITB) and Karsten's urban planning and kampung improvement projects.
Societe des Nations, Organisation d'hygiene, conference d'hygiene rurale des pays d'orient (Bandoeng, 3-13 Aout 1937), Rapport sur l'organisation des services sanitaires et medicaux (Point I de l'ordre du jour) presente par le Dr P.M.
A titre d'exemple, on cite l'avenue Bandoeng, Panorama, Mouilha et le quartier Jamila.
These are the quest for air superiority over Java, the battle of the Java Sea, the air and land contest for the important airbase at Kalidjati, and the fight for control of Bandoeng. The Dutch and Allied forces did not offer token resistance, but actually put up a stiff fight.
Au rond- point Bandoeng au niveau de la rue Mohammed Diouri , la rue Karachi , derriere la Lydec, mais aussi au Maarif, Californie, Anfa ou Derb Soltan El Fida, Ain chock, ou Hay Mohammadi ou encore Derb Al Kabir, Hay Arsalan, Hay Souaret, Ain Borja, Belvedere et plus encore a El hraouiyenne, Sidi Othman, le spectacle qui s'offre a vos yeux et les odeurs qui agressent vos narines sont les memes partout.
(80) 'Beknopt politiek-politioneel verslag van de regentschappen Bandoeng, Garoet, Tasikmalaja, Tjiamis, Soemedang, Cheribon, Koeningan, Indramajoe, Madjalengka, Poerwakarta en Soekaboemi over de maanden November en December 1947 (eigen berichtgeving)', APG, no.
Een gelukkige jeugd in Batavia, Malang en Bandoeng werd afgebroken door de Japanse bezetting.