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trade name for an adhesive bandage to cover small cuts or blisters

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Geldof added: "What Midge meant was that there wouldn't be another Band Aid record.
Ure and Bob Geldof kickstarted the Band Aid movement back in 1984 in order to raise money for Ethiopian antifamine efforts.
Bob and I gave the royalties of that song to the Band Aid Trust so, long after we are gone, that will still generate income and go to the cause.
In my view all these articles and criticism about the Band Aid campaign and the song ["Do They Know It's Christmas"] only give both exposure.
The Boomtown Rats star said last night: "There is one thing that unites Parliament, the Mirror, Band Aid and the whole country.
No doubt that Bob Geldof deserves some credit, particularly for Band Aid one.
Emeli Sande said the Band Aid song needs rewriting and apologised if the latest version 'caused offence' <B Anthony Devlin
And just for the record, Band Aid II, released in 1989, and Band Aid 20, in 2004, also hit the top spot.
HM Treasury on Saturday revealed that Chancellor George Osbourne has agreed to waive VAT on sales of the Band Aid anniversary single.
Of course, a charity record is eminently more desirable as Christmas number one than Simon Cowell's latest moneyspinner and so much the better that it is actually Band Aid.
Redditch-born Harry and Liam, from Wolverhampton, will feature on the Band Aid 30 charity track alongside Adele, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Bono from U2.
I Method: Wash proof band aid plaster is obtained by peeling off from the pouch in a sterile technique.
Relation between Ethiopian government and BBC went odd after the World Service last yearclaimedthat the Band Aid and Live Aid money raised to the1984 famine inEthiopiawas diverted to purchase weapons for Tigrian rebels then led by the current Ethiopia Prime Minister.
The corporation admitted in an on-air apology it had "no evidence" for the claims which prompted a complaint from Band Aid Trustees including Bob Geldof.
London, Mar 4 (ANI): Irish singer Bob Geldof is said to have been left furious after claims broadcast on BBC said that the millions of dollars raised by Band Aid were diverted to Ethiopian rebels.