Bologna sausage

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large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork


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McCourt picked up the brown bag containing the baloney sandwich from the floor by the blackboard where it had landed, unwrapped it, and ate the dripping, delicious sandwich, thus earning his students' admiration and the ire of his principal.
We'll split the baloney sandwich, but I got dibs on the chips
The problem is there's nothing particularly bad about what they do, but at the same time there's nothing particularly special - kind of like a baloney sandwich.
Odds and Ends * A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better for you than a baloney sandwich with butter and mayonnaise.
Nothing tops off a baloney sandwich lunch better than a long drag from a post-meal cigarette and a hearty cup of joe.
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, baloney sandwich, bag of potato chips, Powerade.
Of course, the book includes Dave's Fried Baloney Sandwich, a lunchtime favorite that Dorothy once made during one of her ``Late Show'' telecasts.