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an operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery

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In this study, clinical investigations focused on the surgical effect of an intact canal wall mastoidectomy and mastoidectomy combined with tympanostomy tube (TT) or balloon dilation eustachian tuboplasty (BDET).
Prior to this current approval, the Acclarent AERA Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System device was cleared only for adults aged 22 and older.
The aim of our study was to evaluate the results of single session of endoscopic balloon dilation with 30mm pneumatic balloon for achalasia, over a prolonged ([greater than or equal to]12 months) observation period.
2) In a recent study by Levy et al, improvements after balloon dilation were noted in quality of life measures (SNOT-20) and sinonasal opacification (Lund-Mackay scores).
Our patient was in a critical condition and because of the failure of the temporary catheterisation and rebuilding the prosthetic graft, we performed re-canalisation and balloon dilation and successfully inserted a long-term cuffed double-lumen catheter into the joint of external jugular vein and sub-clavian vein, with the far end of the catheter located to the distal end of superior vena cava.
The innovative procedure, known as percutaneous balloon dilation technology, not only replaces risk-involved surgeries in many cases, but also helps avoid surgery, the resulting scars, and drastically reduces the recovery window needed by the patient.
The restenosis required multiple recanalization procedures using argon plasma coagulation and balloon dilation (n = 5, mean interval of 2,5 months between each intervention).
Failed percutaneous balloon dilation for renal access: incidence and risk factors.
With the technological advances in endourology, endoscopic treatments, including balloon dilation, cold knife incision, and laser endoureterotomy are also being used.
The strictures were resected endoscopically, and repeated balloon dilation under fluoroscopic guidance over the course of 10 months resulted in immediate but unsustained improvement.
Although there is no cure for achalasia, symptoms can be controlled by decreasing LES pressure and facilitating esophageal emptying through pneumatic balloon dilation of the LES, or botulinum toxin injection into the neurons of the LES.
He was the first to perform robotic laser-assisted microvascular endoscopic MRI image-guided drug-eluting balloon dilation of nine different orifices during a single procedure
They cover optical diagnostics in head and neck cancer, stem cells in head and neck cancer, positron emission tomography-computed tomography in head and neck cancer, middle ear implants, tissue hypoxia in chronic otitis media, balloon dilation Eustachian tuboplasty, superior canal dehiscence syndrome, possibilities and challenges of regenerating hair cells in the inner ear, vestibular implants, and the medical treatment of vascular anomalies.
At the time of balloon dilation, 5000 units of Heparin were administered.
Sinal balloon dilation gives the same results as traditional sinus surgery by using state of the art instruments to expand a balloon inside the sinuses.