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the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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Before approving it, "we must insist on an improved design" that can pass ballistics tests," Stearns wrote.
A ballistics test helped link the two crimes, officials said.
National Capital Region Police Office Director Carmelo Valmoria said the items would be subjected to "the usual procedure," including a ballistics test, which is the study of the launch, behavior and flight of projectiles, including bullets.
Recovered from Veloz' house was a gun, which would be subjected to ballistics test to find out if it matched the slugs taken from the crime scene.
They are awaiting the results of a ballistics test on the shotgun which may offer some clues as to what exactly happened in the picture postcard cottage.
Recovered from Velos' house was a gun, which would be subjected to ballistics test to find out if it matched the slugs taken from the crime scene.
THE parents of a French tourist shot dead during a holiday in the Highlands have criticised police for delaying a ballistics test for nearly two years.
However, in their counter-affidavit, they pointed that Hiyasmin Abarrientos, one of the NBI's ballisticians, admitted that she was not able to conduct a proper ballistics test and cross-matching on the M-14 as well as the slugs recovered from the boat.
The Taiwanese probers also finished the ballistics test on Monday, firing the weapons for cross matching.
A complete list of police and military personnel involved in the alleged shootout, the results of the ballistics test, among others, were lacking in the report submitted to PNP Chief Director General Alan Purisima.
But he pointed out that there were still unanswered questions, which mostly revolve around the results of the paraffin and ballistics tests.
Ballistics tests show the same weapon killed both Morgan and Mehrabadi.
Ballistics tests were being carried out yesterday at both scenes, which are around five miles apart.
The inquest also heard that no ballistics tests were carried out in 1995 to determine whether the cartridge was shot by the rifle found next to Pte James, and the casing was disposed of the following year.