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music written for a ballet

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But the room seemed a palace to the brats of the corps de ballet, who were lodged in common dressing-rooms where they spent their time singing, quarreling, smacking the dressers and hair-dressers and buying one another glasses of cassis, beer, or even rhum, until the call-boy's bell rang.
People began by laughing and making fun of this specter dressed like a man of fashion or an undertaker; but the ghost legend soon swelled to enormous proportions among the corps de ballet.
Picture the corps de ballet scuttling down the Jacob's ladder and dividing the suicide's rope among themselves in less time than it takes to write
Do so, madame, do so, and that at once; for within an hour the ballet will commence.
The ballet lasted an hour, and had sixteen ENTREES.
Besides, although the ballet was danced, the evening had scarcely begun.
The first part of the performance had concluded when we got to the theater, and the ballet had not yet begun.
The curtain rose on the ballet, which was one of those excellent specimens of the Italian school, admirably arranged and put on the stage by Henri, who has established for himself a great reputation throughout Italy for his taste and skill in the choregraphic art -- one of those masterly productions of grace, method, and elegance in which the whole corps de ballet, from the principal dancers to the humblest supernumerary, are all engaged on the stage at the same time; and a hundred and fifty persons may be seen exhibiting the same attitude, or elevating the same arm or leg with a simultaneous movement, that would lead you to suppose that but one mind, one act of volition, influenced the moving mass -- the ballet was called "Poliska.
Owing to the very judicious plan of dividing the two acts of the opera with a ballet, the pauses between the performances are very short, the singers in the opera having time to repose themselves and change their costume, when necessary, while the dancers are executing their pirouettes and exhibiting their graceful steps.
Rose considered them by far the most exciting dramas she had ever witnessed; and when the performance closed with a grand ballet of Feejee Islanders, whose barbaric yells alarmed the gulls, she had no words in which to express her gratification.
The mantel's chastely severe outline was ingloriously veiled behind some pert drapery drawn rakishly askew like the sashes of the Amazonian ballet.
In celebration, the Bolshoi has designated January 2-9 "Grigorovich Week," and the company will perform seven of his ballets, including The Golden Age, Spartacus, and The Legend of Love.
In his five years of choreographing, Wheeldon has created more than 20 ballets, for the New York City Ballet, Royal Ballet, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and others.