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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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Following a similar tragedy over a decade ago the lids of all ball-point pens have been designed with a small safety-hole to prevent choking, should they be accidently swallowed.
12 x 18" (31 x 46 cm) paper, pencils, metal foil, ball-point pens with caps on, acrylic paints, brushes, polyurethane
Abedi was allegedly carrying a pass that was altered using a ball-point pen.
95 including postage and packaging, and receive a fabulous Sheaffer ball-point pen in a matching colour worth pounds 3.
The exquisite Sheaffer Sentinel ball-point pen is available to you at the unbeatable price of just pounds 3.
One- and two-packs of Zazzle highlighters, R-301 rollerballs and M/F-301 pen-and-pencil sets will carry rebate offers next year, as will the Jimnie ball-point pen, and the M/F-402 mechanical pencil and ball-point pen combo pack.
On three kinds of commercially available materials--plastic, wood, and aluminum--we wrote in pencil, ball-point pen, grease pencil, and regular and permanent felt pens.
The limited edition ball-point pen and display case is US $800, and is available for advance purchase at www.
A Qantas spokeswoman confirmed that the snake was around eight inches long, about the size of a ball-point pen.
1946: The first ball-point pen went on sale, invented by Hungarian Laszlo Biro.
The Hollywood resident says there are three inventions that helped him immeasurably with small motor tasks: the ball-point pen, the automatic transmission and the electric razor.
This stylish Sydney ball-point pen features a dark blue base and rifled silver upper barrel, finished with a gold clip and headpiece.
One of the hottest products in the line is Wite-Out for Everything, a correction fluid that can be used on typewritten copy, ball-point pen ink, photocopies and faxes.
The pen feels just like a regular ball-point pen, but has a tiny, built-in infrared camera that records and time-stamps every mark made on the forms.
Then a thermo-sensitive ink containing ball-point pen is used for drawing on the paper.