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a field game played with a ball (especially baseball)

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The paint ball games will be held at the Dubai Mall outdoor promenade opposite More CafE[umlaut].
Two old rivals used to battle it out through the Ball Game - tradesmen and farmers - before teams were dropped in favour of an every-man-for-himself skirmish.
A council spokesman said the hope is the temporary measures will stop ball games but allow the yard to reopen after health and safety officers carry out an inspection today.
As the Pittsburgh Press said in 1903, the World Series is "the greatest series of ball games in the history of the national pastime.
The text is full of great little insights like working file count in close ball games, pick-off variations, preparing mentally between starts, etc.
Memorabilia, such as cards and a replica uniform from the All-American Girls Baseball League featured in the 1992 film ``A League of Their Own,'' as well as photographs, books and news clips from as far as the stick and ball games of the late 19th century are on display in the exhibit ``Women in Baseball: There's No Place Like Home (Plate),'' this month at the Burbank Central Library.
Many of their ball games were similar to field hockey, soccer, or simple keepaway.
Blast to the Past: On Saturday and Sunday, visitors can get hands-on with some historic base ball games of their own.
A FISH farm are allowing ball games on their premises - to prevent young salmon becoming bored and aggressive.
2 million for hosting 2014's Confederation of Schools Sports Association in Southern Africa ( COSSASA) ball games competition.
He added that the ball games would give the ground forces the opportunity to interact with each other, whereas the officials regularly interact with each other in the headquarters.
Perhaps not so many people are aware that a game resembling soccer, and several other ball games as well, was being played in Mexico 3,500 years ago.
Maybe it was a little too skimpy, At times Eugenie had to make everything stayed in the right place she played ball games in the One of her female friends even lent hand to make sure Eugenie didn't fall out of her top.
uk, 01993 823117); Hanging target ball games pounds 9.
In response to comments regarding children playing ball games from your correspondents Mr Lee and Denise Pottinger, may I point out that we are neither narrow-minded nor insular just because we like to take care of our home and surroundings.