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a field game played with a ball (especially baseball)

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The women's volleyball team is the only team in the three major big ball sports that we have hope for a gold medal.
Helen Spearey, strategic director of community, housing and health, said: "This is a great opportunity to give young people a space of their own to play ball sports and have fun in Chase Terrace.
Under existing government educational guidelines, in addition to such compulsory activities as track and field and gymnastics exercises, first-year students are required to choose either dancing or martial arts, while second- and third-year students must choose two classes from among martial arts, dancing and ball sports.
Its Wilson brand is the leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment concentrating on racquet sports and golfing equipment.
We're unique in Europe in we've four major ball sports competing for same athletes.
The three new hard-court tennis courts, located next to the Astro turf, will also be marked for netball and can be used during break time by pupils for ball sports.
Sometimes boys say that it's prissy and easy, and that ball sports are really what make a person strong.
16, Johnson and Marion Jones picked up trophies in the track and field category, with Venus Williams winning for ball sports and Lewis for combat sports.
Tahiti President-CEO Zvi Ben-Haim retains those positions and becomes President of newly formed Signal Branded Division, which includes Umbro, Big Ball Sports, Signal Sports and all licensed Signal products.
The sports equipment industry consists of equipment for ball sports (baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, cricket, hockey, etc.
These include a variety of indoor racket and ball sports plus a flood lit all weather MUGA with provision for running and walking.
We do not see this as an either/or situation, there is plenty of room for both and many young people will use both the grassed area for ball sports and the wheel park.
com)-- According to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research “Global Market Study on Sports Equipment: Ball Sports to be the largest segment by 2020”, the global Sports Equipment market was valued at USD 66,528.
Golf is one of those unique ball sports where one has a lot of time to think about the shot in hand, due to the ball being stationary.
ON the ball sports fans are being urged to put their knowledge to the test in a charity fundraiser.