Balistes vetula

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Balistes vetula again appears to be the most endangered species on the list due to low incidence, relatively restricted range, and a decline in sighting frequency.
Our study identifies species that have small population sizes, however, population trends of these species appear relatively stable, with the exception of Apogon planifrons and Balistes vetula, which appear to be decreasing in sighting frequency throughout the Florida Keys.
Tangs V Acanthurus bahianus Ocean surgeon V T Acanthurus coeruleus Blue tang V Scombridae Thunnus atlanticus Blackfin tuna Tr Balistidae Balistidae Triggerfish V Balistes vetula Queen triggerfish V P, T Canthidermis sufflamen Ocean triggerfish V P, Sn Melichthys niger Black durgon V P, Sn Xanthichthys ringens Sargassum triggerfish V Cantherhines macrocerus Whitespotted filefish V Ostraciidae Lactophrys sp.
Unidentified lefteye flounder Balistidae, Leatherjackets 152 Aluterus scriptus Scrawled filefish 153 Balistes capriscus Gray triggerfish 154 Balistes vetula Queen triggerfish 155 Cantherhines pullus Orangespotted filefish 156 Canthidermis sufflamen Ocean triggerfish 157 N.