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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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High genetic similarities between Banteng and Bali cattle in this study are reasonable because the Bali cattle are the result of a direct domestication of wild Banteng in the Bali Island or in Blambangan (East Java Province) and proposed as the most suitable cattle breed for sustainable small farming in Indonesia [36].
Bos taurus cluster (Simmental Purebred, Simmental Crossbred, and Holstein Friesian cattle); Bos indicus cluster (Sumba Ongole, Ongole Grade, Madura, Pasundan, and Pesisir cattle); and Bos javanicus cluster (Banteng and Bali cattle).
Indigenous Bali cattle is most suitable for sustainable small farming in Indonesia.
These strains were isolated from 80 feces samples of Bali cattle and 76 feces samples of humans suffering renal failure at the Sanglah General Hospital Centre, respectively.
coli SM25(1) originated from feces of Bali cattle and E.
The system developed here for Bali cattle uses a 5-point scale.
The data collected in the present work show that hindquarter and shoulder shape and tissue cover, and the prominence of the vertebral transverse and spinous processes, are important identifiers of BCS in Bali cattle. As condition improves these become covered with more tissue.
Fleshing over the shoulder is important in Bali cattle, but is mentioned by Nicholson and Butterworth (1986) only in thin or emaciated animals, and not at all by CSIRO (2007).
The application of liveweight prediction and body condition scoring in Bali cattle farming
Scoring system used to rank eleven anatomical features of Bali cattle Feature Score Description Coat 1-3 Appearance of the coat: 1 = rough, 2 = normal (smooth), 3 = very smooth Vertebral processes 1-5 The ends of the transverse vertebral processes in the lumbar region: 1 = very prominent, 2 = easily seen, 3 = can be seen but are covered with soft tissue, 4 = can only be seen by looking closely (e.g.
Data were obtained from primary sources that included direct observations and interviews with Bali cattle ranchers; secondary data were gathered from statistical books, various sources of literature and related agencies associated with this research.
Bali cattle, hair, skin crackers, NaOH concentration, time soaking
Bali Cattle is one of the local cattle in Indonesia, which has great potential to be developed.
The percentage of waste hair of Bali Cattle can reach 3% of body weight.
The study aims to evaluate the characteristics of the chemical composition and physical macrostructur of hair waste from Bali cattle using 0.5M NaOH as a soaking solution and different processing time.