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(Norse mythology) god of light and peace and noted for his beauty and sweet nature


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Fe lwyddodd y duwiau i ddwyn Baldr yn ol o farw'n fyw, ac ar ol hynny fe benderfynodd Frigg y byddai'r uchelwydd yn dwyn cariad yn hytrach na marwolaeth i'r byd.
"Baldr and Beatrice" is a love story that spans over culture and time as author Mark Seinfelt reaches far and wide to tell his story about the desire to culminate one's love and how the story has been told before yet holds onto us so strongly after all these years.
In Joseph Harris's intelligent and thought-provoking analysis " 'Myth to Live By' in Sonatorrek," which is an updated version of a 1999 paper, (1) Harris convincingly argues that real laments in Old Norse culture were modeled on mythic ones, using the archetypal lament of Odin for Baldr as a case study.
Passemar depicts the dance of the choreography of Professor Onde's tale about the death of Baldr and the struggle between the Ases and the Vanes as "scatological" and full of "all the crap to come" (73).
Yn ol un hen chwedl, cafodd y dduwies Frigg fab o'r enw Baldr. Pan aned y baban, fe wnaeth sicrhau na allai unrhyw blanhigyn ei frifo, ond yn anffodus, fe anghofiodd am yr uchelwydd.
So the Aesir set a competition, and Baldr took to Dragvandil a mountain and told him to sculpt with it, while Freyia took to Laeti a great elm tree and told him to carve from it.
Ing waes aerest mid East-Denem gesewen secgun, op he siddan est oper waeg gewat; waen aefter ran; dus Heardingas done haele nemdun.(55) "Ing was first among the East-Danes seen by men, till afterwards eastward over the wave he departed, followed by his chariot; so the Heardingas named the hero." Can we also interpret Freyr-Ing's voyage over the wave as a mythic metaphor for a journey to the land of the dead, as was true in the case of Baldr? While of Ing as such we know certainly only that he was an important god, the poem appears to imply that he is synonymous with the hero of the Heardingas and of this more might be made.
Nevertheless, the line between linguistic and literary interpretation is a difficult one to draw; though there is much on Ingeld in the Introduction and ad locitum, there is no reference to the similarities between the story of Herebeald and Haedhcyn and the account of Hodhr and Baldr in the Snorra Edda.
There is another version of the story, to which allusion is made in a west Norse poem entitled Baldrs draumar ("Dreams of Baldr").
Sixth Ave.; topic is "Building Common Ground on Gun Control." Speakers include Lane County Medical Director Patrick Luedtke, NRA member Peter Loewry and Baldr Odinson of Ceasefire Oregon; guest/ gallery admission is $5, free for City Club members; meeting will be broadcast Monday at 6:30 p.m.
Yn ol un hen chwedl, mi gafodd y dduwies Frigg fab o'r enw Baldr a phan aned y baban, mi wnaeth Frigg yn siwr na allai unrhyw blanhigyn ei frifo, ond yn anffodus, mi anghofiodd am yr uchelwydd.