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Synonyms for balanced

Synonyms for balanced

neither favorable or unfavorable

characterized by or displaying symmetry, especially correspondence in scale or measure

having components pleasingly combined

Antonyms for balanced

being in a state of proper equilibrium

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I think we've come out of it with three balanced lines.
My choice was the SW estate version and this hugely accommodating shooting brake boasted an extremely handsome, neatly sculpted silhouette with well balanced lines which served to attract much bystander attention - but more of that later.
It was an evening when Cardiff's first line of Scott Matzka, Jon Pelle and Max Birbraer did not come up with a goal, and Adams says: "We have three balanced lines and it was good to see others come up with goals.
Fully redesigned to achieve balanced lines, its case is made from steel, 18 carat white gold or rose gold.
The PakMore operates with a high-speed, low-maintenance process that uses pressureless Zero-Gap Infeed for smooth bottle laning, ensuring balanced lines and jam-resistant operation.
The addition of Oates gives the Ducks more depth at center and more balanced lines, Rucchin said.
Balanced lines and systems for each 'part family' of castings produced are emphasized during equipment design and layout.
In addition to some of the strong points mentioned earlier, Chimombo occasionally uses balanced lines and personification to uplift the poetic form.
Balanced lines, graceful even - yet it can pack a punch like Mike Tyson in a bad mood.
While nine forwards and four defencemen is still a small roster, it allowed Blaze to play with some balanced lines.
We have three balanced lines with competition for ice time.
Despite the fact that the Phoenix only play with two lines as opposed to three balanced lines, Courtenay will not change his own combinations that have proved so successful.
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