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a system of recording all of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world over a period of one year

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1] < 0, and if the impact multiplier for the balance of payments is evaluated from an initial condition of a zero balance of payments ([?
It will help address urgent budgetary and balance of payments gaps, reduce poverty by resuming key state services and bolster the capacity of the Guinea-Bissau government.
Musharraf Government took several measures after the current fiscal year (2000) to strengthen the balance of payment of Pakistan has improved a lot from 200-2007 During these years Pakistan govt.
The detail of major changes in the balance of payments accounts is available in the revision study at this link: .
The report on the main findings of the preliminary results of balance of payment for the Palestinian Territory for the fourth quarter said the deficit value of the current account amounted to $378.
Balance of payments, consisting of current, financial and capital accounts, usually reflects the financial situation of a country.
But the part of the economy that worries me, and seemingly nobody else, is the UK balance of payments deficit.
In recent months, to help relieve the balance of payment pressures, the Bank of Mongolia has allowed more exchange rate flexibility.
17 billion of surplus in balance of payment in 2010, the second highest ever, trailing only US$54.
Though it is true that an improvement in the balance of payments must imply an increase in Y-E-DK, an increase in DR, an increase in DH-DD provides additional checks on the logic of balance of payment policies, it should be remembered that the assumptions behind the three approaches differ widely.
RAMALLAH, March 28, 2012 (WAFA) ' Balance of payment deficit for the Palestinian Territory increased by 29.
The cereal element of the CCFF provides financing to member countries experiencing balance of payments problems caused by an excess in the cost of their cereal imports that is both temporary and beyond the control of the authorities.
The Articles formally permitted adjustment of a currency's par value only if the country's balance of payments was in "fundamental disequilibrium.
The data are reported within the framework of the fifth and sixth editions of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual and the Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification (EBOPS), which is consistent with the balance of payments classification but is more detailed.
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