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a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face

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motorcycle-riding gunmen, also wearing balaclavas, shot Jigger Dublin, 32, along Mindoro Street in Batasan Hills village.
A TEESSIDE judge said a man caught with a gun wrapped in a balaclava at his home was lucky to be jailed for "only five years".
Police say one man then left the park and came back with several other men, all wearing balaclavas and carrying weapons.
A spokesman for South Wales Police said: "It is reported that three men wearing balaclavas entered the address and a 34-year-old man was the victim of an assault.
Tactical elbow,type balaclavas balaclava,tactics for protection masks facial,tactical knee etc.
He was thought to be wearing dark tracksuit bottoms, a dark round neck t-shirt, a black hooded top and a balaclava covering his face.
Jammin' through that hatch was like stepping from the Arctic into the Tropics, and within seconds we were flipping back hoods, pulling off balaclavas and unzipping parkas.
Josh's blood - difficult to see with the naked eye - was found on a balaclava which also had Church's DNA inside it.
He was wearing blue tracksuit bottoms with a light stripe down the sides, blue gloves and a balaclavas.
The previous day, a man in a balaclava snatched a cash box from a security man at the HSBC in nearby Chandler's Ford where two raiders were gunned down by police in 2007.
The burglary happened just an hour after a similar attack at a Farmfoods store in Lower House Lane, Fazakerley, where two men with balaclavas carrying crowbars were disturbed by two staff members.
A MAN on trial for IRA membership said boiler suits, cable ties and balaclavas found in a car during his arrest may have been for an orgy.
STYLE gurus Trinny and Susannah have donned wetsuits and balaclavas - for a Bond-style TV ad.
SECURITY has been tightened at Maghaberry after prison officers found a number of balaclavas hidden in a loyalist wing.
MEN IN BALACLAVAS TURN UP AT THE FOOTBALL GROUND WITH WEAPONS By BETHANY LODGE MASKED men who halted a football match in a violent confrontation have been armed with machetes.