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a port city on the Caspian Sea that is the capital of Azerbaijan and an important center for oil production

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Baky. Fuzzy goal programming procedure to bilevel multiobjective linear fraction programming problems.
My understanding of Winning has been aided considerably by conversations with John Baky, Jan Barry, and W.
For example, BAK would mean a baked potato, whereas BAKy means that the guest has requested sour cream with the baked potato.
Ramadan ratings winners included soaps "Tales of a Modern Husband," featuring Ashraf Abdel Baky; controversial "Women's Revolution," advocating more freedom for women: philosophical drama "Pure White"; and Nabila Ebeid starrer "Aunt Noor" about an Egyptian professor returned from the U.S.
[1.] Abou-Seif SG, Baky FA, El-Ebrashy F, Gaafar HA.
Heroism and Sacrifice A documentary titled "Message from a Martyr" produced by the Armed Forces Department of Morale Affairs featuring actor Ashraf Abdel Baky as the narrator, and the mothers of security personnel who martyred during counterterrorism operations.
Ashraf Baky is the managing director of Unilever Mashreq, with more than 20 years of experience in general management and export in international organizations.
IF Elfsborg (SWE) v FC Tiraspol (MDA)/ynter Baky PyK (AZE)
Baky, "Interactive TOPSIS algorithms for solving multilevel non-linear multi-objective decision-making problems," Applied Mathematical Modelling, vol.
A few years ago, a group of novice theatrical artists were introduced to the Egyptian audience by the leading comedian Ashraf Abdel Baky in a number of short plays that were aired on one of the popular TV channels with high viewership rates.
(11.) Mostafa SR, Khashab SK, Fouaad AS, Abdel Baky MA, Waly AM.
The troupe founder, popular Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdel Baky, revealed that the new season of "Masrah Masr", will screen on MBC Masr Channel.
(10.) Sarhan O, Helmy T, Abou-El Ghar M, Baky MA, El-Assmy A, Dawaba M.
Abdel Baky previously stated in a video he uploaded on his official Instagram account that he is currently enjoying himself in the Saudi Theater in Jeddah with a group of very talented young actors.
Mohammed Abdel Baky, an advisor to UNAIDS, told Daily News Egypt the disease is chronic and the virus is never really cured.