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a port city on the Caspian Sea that is the capital of Azerbaijan and an important center for oil production

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The head of Narimanov District Youth and Sports Department, Najaf Novruzov, Deputy Chairman of the Narimanov District Organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, Anar Gadimaliyev, Employee of Baku City Education Department, Gurban Hasanov, director of secondary school No 212 and other speakers spoke about the upcoming "Novruz" congratulated on the occasion of the holiday and noted that,Novruz is an ancient manifestation of our nation's culture, national spiritual values, which introduces the world.
3 seconds 1pt 11-8 Ladbrokes Venue Baku City Circuit, Azerbaijan Number of laps 51 Lap length 6.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- Euroformula Open driver Gulhuseyn Abdullayev has given the Baku City Circuit its maiden test run, becoming the first racing driver to sample the new track, Grandprixtimes reported.
Formula One's newest venue, the Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan, will be the fastest street track in the world according to designer Hermann Tilke.
Moreover, the architect of the project's main shopping mall (working name Baku City Mall) in the Waterfront district, is the same firm that designed Dubai's Mall of Emirates (MoE).
coccinea can be used as bioindicators for environmental pollution observation and control in Baku city.
The letter further stated that a judge of the Narimanov district court of Baku city had issued an arrest warrant against Mirdamat Babayev for his involvement in several prostitution cases.
Musavat and other opposition parties have applied for permission from the Baku city authorities for a rally on April 2.
Getting around Baku city centre is very compact, making it easy to get everywhere on foot.
Head of Baku City Executive Authority Hajibala Abutalibov informed Mehriban Aliyeva that the sanatorium-type orphanage-kindergarten was commissioned in 1942.
Ricciardo's victory here at the Baku City Circuit marked the climax of a frenetic race which, for its pure entertainment value, is unlikely to be beaten anytime soon.
The Baku City Circuit is dubbed as the fastest street circuit in the world.
Baku City Circuit is the second longest F1 track on the calendar, with a length slightly over six kilometres as an anti-clockwise layout.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- Baku, which will host the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in June, will be the world's fastest city circuit, Hermann Tilke said in an interview posted on the website of Baku City Circuit, the official organizer of the race.