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Russian anarchist

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Bakounine, La theologiepolitique de Mazzini et l'Internationale (Neuchatel: [G.
46) Se reclamaron seguidores de un "socialismo cientifico" preconizado entre otros por "Bedel, Jaures, Fernando Naudier, Hamon, Chirac, Faguet, Pablo Iglesias, Janet, Louis Bertrand, Bakounine, C.
For Teodor de Wyzewa, one of the founders of the Revue Wagnerienne, Nietzsche was plagued with an abnormal and poisonous intelligence that drove him to destroy everything that he had once loved and which was to lead him eventually to nihilism and ultimately madness: "La tournure generale de sa pensee nous fait voir en lui un frere de Tchedrine et des Bakounine, de ces nihilistes slaves si prompts a l'illusion, mais plus prompts encore au desenchantement, victimes d'un ideal trop haut et d'une clairevoyance trop aigue" (99).
Like all Russian radicals in Czarist times he lived in exile; he usually wrote in French and signed himself "Michel Bakounine.
Michel Bakounine, 'Dieu et l'Etat', in OEuvres, Vol 1, Paris: Stock, 1882, pp 312-313; not all libertarians were as progressive.
The authoritative French translation, Etatisme et Anarchie, prepared for the International Institute of Social History's Archives Bakounine in 1967, renders the sentence in question as: