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the Bantu language spoken by the Kongo living in the tropical forests of Zaire and Congo and Angola

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The Bakongo cosmogram is oriented around an axis like that of the Greek cross, representing the intersection of physical and metaphysical worlds.
In a small notebook, Conrad keeps track of certain words in Bakongo, in Loanda, in Bangala.
Robert Farris Thompson links the broken pottery covering many African American graves in Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina to the burial practices of the Bakongo culture of northern Angola, and he notes that the practice is not found among white Americans of the same regions (Genovese 200).
Early modernist artists - Cubists, Surrealists, Dadaists and others - found inspiration in such work from peoples such as Fang, Punu, Bakongo, Yoruba, Igbo, Dogon, Bambara, Baga and many more.
He compared De Freece's seven stars to the one large and six small stars incised on a calabash from a Rio de Janeiro museum, which art historian Robert Farris Thompson identified as a Kongo cosmogram, and Cohen postulated that De Freece's charm "may well have been a survival of the cosmological belief system of the Bakongo people that ascribes a magical significance to the motif of seven stars" (Cohen 1995, 38).
Alain Lecomte focuses on the Bakongo, his show including an impressive 'nail fetish' in the form of a dog.
29) But we can also read this as a new way of reading the "old"--as it existed before the flimsy gift of colonized nation-state outlines and was politically mobilizable now--faced with the postcolonial "new"--the Congo with 906,000 square miles (and still the Bakongo ethnic group divided between four nation-states), and the Gambia with no more than 4,000.
Los suenos de crear nuevamente el antiguo Reino Bakongo y de anexar Cabinda a Zaire se olvidan.
It was also at this time that the small number of Portuguese-educated Africans made the break from tribalism (of which there are more than 20 with 3 major groups, the Bakongo, the Ovimbundu, and the Kimbundu) to national consciousness.
The essays offer extensively researched cultural and aesthetic context including discussion of the Babembe themselves (their territory and membership in the Bakongo group of peoples), religion, body markings, styles, and funerary rites.
Ethnic groups: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, Bakongo 13%, mixed racial 2%, European 1%.
At the beginning of the film, we see Bamba, a BaKongo boy, training to he a "witchdoctor" (traditional healer) under his uncle.
Hayley Turner was in double form, landing the 1m1/2f maiden on Commerce for Simon Dow and the 1m11/2f handicap on Bakongo for Michael Bell.
Los portugueses entraron en contacto con el reino de los bakongo.
While the 1950s saw the rise of anti-colonial nationalism in the Congo, the regionalism endemic to the country led to the creation of competing parties which championed political and economic separatism for the provinces of Bakongo, Kasai, and Katanga.