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the Bantu language spoken by the Kongo living in the tropical forests of Zaire and Congo and Angola

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If for van Wing (1959: 295-296), for example, the Kongo religion is not polytheistic, as Nzambi Ampungu Tulendo is the Supreme ultimate cause of all things, yet nowhere in his book about this culture of central Africa, entitled Etudes Bakongo, does he mention that it is a monotheistic society.
The National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) (2) began in 1954 as a Bakongo tribal separatist movement.
Consequently, three independence movements emerged: the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), led by Antonio Agostinho Neto, with a base among Kimbundu and the mixed-race intelligentsia of Luanda and links to communist parties in Portugal and the East Bloc; the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), led by Holden Roberto, with an ethnic base in the Bakongo region of the north and links to the United States and the Mobutu regime in Kinshasa; and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), led by Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, with an ethnic and regional base in the Ovimbundu heartland in the center of the country and links to the People's Republic of China (P.
Hayley Turner was in double form, landing the 1m1/2f maiden on Commerce for Simon Dow and the 1m11/2f handicap on Bakongo for Michael Bell.
While the 1950s saw the rise of anti-colonial nationalism in the Congo, the regionalism endemic to the country led to the creation of competing parties which championed political and economic separatism for the provinces of Bakongo, Kasai, and Katanga.
He represented the Bakongo ethnic group in northern and northwestern Angola where a 500-mile border was shared with Zaire.
00 1 SEA LORD (IRE) (R Winston) 6-1 2 Power Series (USA) (4-1) 3 Nafura (5-1) 7 ran Bakongo 10-3F 13/4, 11/2.
In the Republic of the Congo I stayed with an ethnic group called the Bakongo or Kongo people, whose architecture was very different to anything I had seen before.
If the practice of the BaKongo on the western side of the Congo basin is analogous to that of the peoples Apolo worked among, then the combination of red and white might be particularly potent.
Elsewhere, Wyatt MacGaffey says that among other Bakongo groups twins were treated with deference because it was believed they, along with other persons of 'abnormal birth' such as albinos, could use their supposed supernatural powers to somehow afflict persons who incur their displeasure (Religion and Society in Central Africa: The Ba Konga of Lower Zaire, Chicago: U of Chicago P.
As might be expected, in many African communities early boyhood sexual activities are welcomed as a sign of potency (documented for the Bakongo, Tutsi, and Burundi).
These crucifixes come from the Bakongo people who live along the west coast of Africa.
Bundu Dia Kongo, an ethnically based spiritual and political movement that called for the establishment of an "ethnically pure" kingdom from the Bakongo tribe, remained outlawed for its separatist, political goals.
Beyond shared religious cosmological understandings, Sweet also shows that practices embedded in those ideas manifested in practices that were common to Mbundu and BaKongo peoples, among others in Central Africa.
The BaKongo people say that dogs have 'four eyes' - one pair for this world and another for the supernatural world.