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rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey

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La pate de la baklawa importee de Turquie est, quant a elle, vendue entre 5d,700 et 6d,300 le paquet de 22 feuilles etalees.
When our family emigrated and homesteaded in southern Saskatchewan during the early 1920s they brought the art of making baklawa with them.
On doit debourser davantage pour d'autres varietes notamment les makrout louz, baklawa, dziryat ou autres.
Other desserts popular in Turkey are halva, baklawa and kunafeh.
Diners will be able to break their fast with appetizers such as herb-crumbed stuffed roasted peppers, salads, soups, pumpkin and feta cannelloni, lamb kleftico and moussaka and a selection of desserts including Moroccan pastries, baklawa and tiramisu.
For years it's been expected that guests bring the helw (dessert, usually Oriental sweets), generally resulting in mountains of more kunafa, basboussa and baklawa than people know what to do with.
We also learn from Aya that the Arab pronunciation for this iconic pastry is baklawa rather than the Greek baklava, the latter being the spelling Abu-Jaber uses in the title of the book, a move that attests to the complexity of Middle Eastern cultures.
It is not Ramadan or Eid --when sweets become a staple in Yemenis' diet to break the ritual fasting that accompanies the holy holiday month and its celebration afterwards--but at the well-known Glaise shop for sweets in the Bab Al-Subbah area near Al Tahrir Square in the heart of Sana'a, people still wander in to either gawk at or sample the baklawa, rawani, qataf or shoubia treats on display in the shop's window.
Moreover, the endless variety of sweets such as Kunafah, Baklawa and local Halwas, ice creams and other traditional snacks available at Syria, UAE, Tunisia and other pavilions were extremely tempting.
From 12:30pm until 4pm, feast on traditional delicacies including Ouzi and Shawarma for mains and Arabic sweets, Baklawa and Um Ali for dessert.
In her make-believe summit of non-Arab heads-of-state, she offers them Arabic-Jordanian-Lebanese-Palestinian baklawa.
Omar agrees, and recommends two delicacies: baklawa -- made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey -- the modern incarnation of which is said to have been developed in the Topkapi Palace in Ottoman Turkey; and maamoul, the saccharine oval-shaped cookie made from a mixture of flour, semolina and rosewater filled with walnuts, pistachios or dates.
The collection includes traditional Middle Eastern sweets such as dates, maamul and baklawa, plus handmade chocolates filled with exotic flavours such as Arabic coffee, rose water and halawi.
He pointed first at the baklawa and then at the makrout behind the glass.
The restaurant will also offer Arabic and Continental desserts like um ali, osmaliya, baklawa, chocolate mousse, assorted traditional cakes and delicious fresh fruits.