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Synonyms for baker

someone who bakes commercially

someone who bakes bread or cake

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Henry Baker can have the same by applying at 6:30 this evening at
Well, then, do you imagine that this other one, Henry Baker, had anything to do with the matter?
It is, I think, much more likely that Henry Baker is an absolutely innocent man, who had no idea that the bird which he was carrying was of considerably more value than if it were made of solid gold.
I had been delayed at a case, and it was a little after half-past six when I found myself in Baker Street once more.
Certainly, sir," said Baker, who had risen and tucked his newly gained property under his arm.
Henry Baker," said Holmes when he had closed the door behind him.
Then he stepped into the cab, and in half an hour we were back in the sitting-room at Baker Street.
They found the body of old man Baker hanging by the neck from one of the beams of the bridge, immediately beneath the spot where the apparition had stood.
At the double inquest the coroner's jury found that Daniel Baker died by his own hand while suffering from temporary insanity, and that Samuel Morritz was murdered by some person or persons to the jury unknown.
The baker, who had of course been only in joke, was exceedingly surprised at my cleverness, and the woman, who was at last convinced that the man spoke the truth, produced another piece of money in its place.
The baker drove a roaring trade, and admitted that I was worth my weight in gold to him.
The baker all this while was busy with his oven, and had forgotten all about me, so I stole out softly, and ran after the woman.
My daughter," exclaimed my guide, "I have brought you the famous dog belonging to the baker which can tell good money from bad.
A couple of hundred yards out of Baker Street I heard a yelping chorus, and saw, first a dog with a piece of putrescent red meat in his jaws coming headlong towards me, and then a pack of starving mongrels in pursuit of him.
Thus, the Bakers deducted that percentage of their costs on their 1997 and 1998 returns.