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Histologic analysis and electron microscopy of lesions from Baiomys taylori mouse 1 infected with novel poxvirus, east central Texas, USA, 2014.
Westward ho: Continued dispersal of the Pygmy Mouse, Baiomys taylori, on the Llano Estacado and in adjacent areas in Texas.
The estrous cycle, reproduction, growth, and development of temperature regulation in the pygmy mouse, Baiomys taylori.
Impact of fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) density on northern pygmy mice (Baiomys taylori).
We compared the Chapala material with taxa closely related systematically, biogeographically, and chronologically, such as Copemys, Postcopemys, Peromyscus, Abelmoschomys, Prosigmodon, Bensonomys, Lindsayimys, Baiomys, and Reithrodontomys (Appendix 3).
Allen, 1890 Rodentia Muridae Baiomys spp True Sciuridae 1894 Sciurus spp Linnaeus 1758 Clase Nombre comun CITES 2013 S Mammalia Jabali de collar Apendice II X Venado cola Apendice III X blanca Gato montes Apendice II X Puma o leon de Apendice II montana Zorra gris Zorrillo espalda X blanca Coati o Solitario Apendice III X Tlacuache X Conejo X Raton Ardilla X X Clase 2013 2014 L S L Mammalia X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X S=Secas, L=Lluvias.
In addition to the recognized arenavirus hosts, other Texas rodent genera (Onychomys, Baiomys, Peromyscus, Dipodomys, and Chaetodipus) have tested positive for arenavirus antibodies (Milazzo et al.
We predicted that rodent species dependent on dense herbaceous foliage and litter for cover and/or diet would consequently decrease in abundance following cover reduction by fire, e.g., hispid cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus) and northern pygmy mouse (Baiomys taylori).
melanophrys and 40% for Baiomys musculus pallidus obtained by Herlindo-Jaimes (1998).
The pygmy mouse (Baiomys taylori) is a small mouse from a Neotropical clade of mammals that seems to be actively expanding its geographic distribution.
2008) y siete endemicas de Mesoamerica: tres del orden Chiroptera (Carollia subrufa, Carollia sowelli y Artibeus toltecus) y cuatro del orden Rodentia (Sciurus aureogaster, Baiomys musculus, Peromyscus mexicanus y Liomys pictus) (Lorenzo et al.
Kidney samples from the 3 antibody-positive Mexican deer mice, Mexican deer mouse TK93314 (15) and 8 other antibody-negative Mexican deer mice, 18 southern pygmy mice (Baiomys musculus), and 11 Jaliscan cotton rats (Sigmodon mascotensis) were tested for arenavirus by cultivation in monolayers of Vero E6 cells (16).
Results showed that rodent assemblages in dense ungrazed grasslands were dominated by species in the family Cricetidae, especially in the genera Baiomys (pygmy mice), Reithrodontomys (harvest mice) and Sigmodon (cotton rats).
Baiomys musculus pallidus--Localities 4, 11a, 12a, 13, 14b, 20, 21, and 26a.