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an officer of the court who is employed to execute writs and processes and make arrests etc

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me to think it a serious obstacle to a union predestined in heaven, that your son is the squire's heir, and that my grandchild is only the bailiff's daughter.
The morning came when Mary and I went out with Dermody, the bailiff, to see the last wild fowl of the season lured into the decoy; and still the welcome home waited for the master, and waited in vain.
He went straight from the cowhouse to the counting house, and after a little conversation with the bailiff and Semyon the contractor, he went back to the house and straight upstairs to the drawing room.
"The old hound is the best when all is said," quoth the bailiff of Southampton, as they made back for the roadway.
"There is little merit in this confession," quoth the bailiff sternly.
"Young clerk," said the bailiff, "you speak of that of which you know nothing.
At the command of the bailiff they plucked off the fellow's shoe, and there sure enough at the side of the instep, wrapped in a piece of fine sendall, lay a long, dark splinter of wood.
Bear in mind too, that it is Herward the bailiff for whom you pray, and not Herward the sheriff, who is my uncle's son.
A minute later the bailiff and four of his men rode past him on their journey back to Southampton, the other two having been chosen as grave-diggers.
"We must have the mystery instantly," resumed the student; "or else, my advice is that we should hang the bailiff of the courts, by way of a morality and a comedy."
It is certain, that nothing less than the intervention of Jupiter was required to save the four unfortunate sergeants of the bailiff of the courts.
(TAP)- Samir Lacheheb has been elected new president of the notary bailiffs for the 2019/2022 term.
The total number of bailiffs in Kyrgyzstan totaled 203 people, said head of department on enforcement remedies of judicial department under the Supreme Court Nurlan Pirnazarov at the discussion in Bishkek on May 28.