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the largest freshwater lake in Asia or Europe and the deepest lake in the world

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Mark Stevenson, CEO of partner Holloman Energy, said, We are pleased that the operations for the Baikal #1 have begun and we are looking forward to the findings.
Three sick Baikal teals showing neurologic symptoms, including torticollis, ataxia, and limb paresis, were captured and euthanized (Figure 1, panel A).
Partnering with Synopsys, a recognized leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor intellectual property, will help to achieve our ambitious goals," said Svetlana Legostaeva, CEO for Baikal Electronics.
whitefish species of the salmon family endemic to Lake Baikal in
In 2005, a wildfowler shot a Baikal Teal in Denmark, which was analysed for stablehydrogen isotopes.
O'Reilly said of the Baikal pistol: "That there was in my possession a few years ago.
The Baikal, part of top Iranian tanker operator NITC's fleet, had been anchored off the Greek island of Syros since Monday, AIS vessel tracking data showed.
Other highlights of the expected 50,000km route, which will visit all 83 Russian districts and span nine zones, will be the peak of Europe's highest mountain Mount Elbrus, and the bottom of the world's deepest lake, Lake Baikal.
A VALE of Glamorgan woman has returned to Wales after taking part in the Siberian Black Ice Race along Lake Baikal - the largest lake in the world.
Three one-year-old Baikal teal ducks transferred from London Zoo and a second female is being sought to join the two males and female.
In April, ten Russian environmental leaders from Siberia's Lake Baikal were hosted in the SF Bay Area by the Center for Safe Energy to study ecotourism practices from some of the United States' leaders in responsible tourism.
What natural record is held by Lake Baikal in Russia?
This video purports to show the body of a dead alien that reportedly crash landed near the town of Irkutsk in Russian Siberia near Lake Baikal in recent weeks.
Adamo Kizey, 1 8 , admitted taking the Russian-made 9mm Baikal IZH-79 pistol, with a magazine and six bullets, into Kingston College in Surrey.