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French soldier said to be fearless and chivalrous (1473-1524)

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Janinne Baiardo is the Naperville Park District employee who handles all inclusion requests for the district.
Kerrins and Kirui explained during the award presentation that Baiardo consistently goes above and beyond expectations in helping individuals and in streamlining processes to help WDSRA and other park districts better serve families with special needs.
(Bausi, 2006:168) In both cantos 5 and 25 of the Morgante, Rinaldo's notoriously feisty and independent steed Baiardo is commandeered.
In canto 5 the benevolent wizard Malagigi possesses Baiardo in order to prank Rinaldo.
Boehrer notes that even the very language of the early texts underlines the "interspecies continuum." Bayard in Ariosto has an "intelletto umano," translated by Harington (1591) as "humane wit." Boiardo uses another such formulation to describe Baiardo's refusal to carry Orlando into battle against Ranaldo: "come avesse intelletto" (as if he could think, tr.
Unfortunately, a vexing (and highly ironic) typographical error repeatedly renders Rinaldo's horse "Baiardo" as "Boiardo" (the author of Orlando innamorato) and results in nonsensical phrases, such as "Rinaldo's decision to pursue Boiardo" and "Gradasso's desire for Boiardo" (37).
Here we find illustrated and interpreted the function of the supernatural horses Baiardo and Rabicano, monsters and giants, mythological villains such as Medusa, and finally, the practitioners of magic.
The molding pressures for reported natural fiber-reinforced UPE composites ranged from 0.5 to 3 MPa (Baiardo et al.
Ekserdjian keenly observes that the unusual support (copper) of the latter image finds confirmation in the Baiardo Inventory.
Ekserdjian points to graphic developments elsewhere in northern Italy and considers the implications of the (lost) drawings that are listed in the Baiardo Inventory.
Il Ricordo di una battaglia rievoca la battaglia di Baiardo (un paese a nord di San Remo) che si svolse il 17 marzo 1945.
Composite tensile properties are dominated by fiber volume fractions based on micromechanics approaches for predicting elastic modulus (Baiardo et al.
(3) Parmigianino appears to have owned an impression of the Massacre of the Innocents, which, with many other sheets, was given his patron, the Cavaliere Francesco Baiardo. See Popham, op.
Baiardo, "Chemically Modified Cellulosic Reinforcements," in Book of Abstracts 219th ACS National Meeting, Washington, D.C., American Chemical Society, 26 (2000).