Bahrain dinar

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the basic unit of money in Bahrain

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'To offset the liquidity outflow that had taken place after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the CBB instituted a new swap facility that permitted banks to exchange US dollar for Bahrain dinar without a penalty fee.'
Summary: MANAMA u The Bahrain Competitiveness Council, or BCC, has urged the need to revalue the Bahrain Dinar, as the monetary policy remained unchanged for the last 30 years.
"The adjustment to the deposit and lending rates represents a continuation of measures taken by the CBB to ensure the smooth functioning of the money markets in Bahrain, and in accordance with the policy of pegging the Bahrain dinar to the US dollar."
If they think the value of SR is lower than the Bahrain dinar why not accept it and change to its equivalent?
The Committee also granted 150 Bahraini dinars for the Diploma of post-graduate studies, 200 Bahrain dinars for Master's Degree, and 300 Bahraini dinars for a doctoral degree.
Contract Amount :BHD1, 825,912.770 Bahrain Dinars One Million Eight Hundred Twenty Five Thousand and Nine Hundred Twelve and 770/1000 Fils Only.
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