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the Malay language spoken in Malaysia

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In particular, if our general argumentation concepts are culturally sensible in Malaysia, we should find ordinarily good reliabilities for the English version and perhaps replicate the poor reliabilities for the Bahasa Melayu translation.
This is a new tool to educate aborigines' pupils on literacy specifically in Bahasa Melayu. By having this interactive chess board it is able to reduce the number of illiterate among aborigines pupil and at the same time it is to assist Ministry of Education in overcome the dropout among aborigines.
Moreover, the direct tie between race, religion and state, naturally permeates into the origin of the country's language, Bahasa Melayu, which uses Allah as the word for 'god' and 'God'.
Languages: Bahasa Melayu (official), Chinese (various dialects), English, Tamil and indigenous
The policy of changing the medium of instruction in the teaching of mathematics and science from Bahasa Melayu to English is an important innovation affecting teachers of mathematics and science.
This showed the basic points of the speech, including the Koranic verses in Arabic and their translation in Bahasa Melayu, in addition to visual aid."
"This is because 'God' in other religions is translated as "Tuhan" in Bahasa Melayu or Arabic, not 'Allah'.
Referring to the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) in various places as Bahasa Melayu (i.e., Malay)--or in Kingsbury's words, "Bahasa Melayu (more or less Indonesian)" (p.
According to Rensch et al (2006: 21), the younger generation of Bidayuhs prefer to use Bahasa Melayu and English at work and at home because they believe that their dialects are less useful as they lack the industrial and scientic concepts necessary to express complex and life needs in the scientific and industrial society in their present time.
Riau Indonesian (bahasa Melayu Riau) is the dialect of Malay spoken in informal situations by the inhabitants of Riau and the mother tongue of most people who have grown up in this province, irrespective of their ethnicity.
Another free-to-air TV station previously reported as going to emerge this year was Nusantara Network System, a private network to air only Bahasa Melayu to the ASEAN region.
About 800 Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd employees were relieved after being told by its management that the operations of the 80-year-old Bahasa Melayu newspaper, the oldest in Malaysia, would not be stopped.