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She believed these women were imbued with the spirit of Bahaman and Mat Kilau (another Pahang warrior).
hands that beckoned the brass ghosts of Bahaman drummers to leap, fly,
On our final stop on the exclusive Bahaman retreat of Princess Cays, a private beach paradise for the Princess passengers was the setting for a huge barbecue lunch arranged by Ruby's catering staff and attended by nearly everyone on the ship.
It was a large and intense Cape Verde hurricane that pounded the central and northern Bahaman islands, seriously threatened Florida, struck the coast of North Carolina and moved up the United States east coast into New England.
We had to shift them to a house in the exclusive Bahaman Keys where the previous occupant had been Sylvester Stallone.
The six-metre boat carrying around 25 people capsized on its way from Nassau, the Bahaman capital, to Bimini in the northern Bahamas, said a woman survivor.
On a set that is part kitchen, part living room, and part beach, we meet engaging characters like Thompson's father Saul, an Afrocentric community leader, and her adoptive grandmother Auntie Carolyn, who dispenses wisdom while cooking Bahaman food.
Born February 23, 1868 to Mary Burghardt, a mixed descendent of West African heritage, and the also mixed raced French Huguenot Bahaman Alfred Du Bois, who had migrated from the West Indies to try his hand at barbering in Mary's hometown of Great Barrington, Du Bois' early ideas were highly influenced by his upbringing and education in Western Massachusetts (Nwankwo, 1989).
The Bahaman record holder claimed his third major success in eight days, winning in 10.
Not even the lingering scent of mouth-watering Caribbean cuisine could distract Lani Yukimura from her task at hand: hunting down an Internet connection in her Bahaman hotel.
The 23-year-old from Glasgow had reached the semi after a lightning start to power home in second place behind Bahaman Christine Amertil in 52.
Meanwhile, David Nicholls put a spoke in the wheels of the Aidan O'Brien juggernaut by landing an amazing one-two with Continent and Bahaman Pirate in the Group One Darley July Cup.
TRAINER David Nicholls flew the Yorkshire flag with style by landing an amazing one-two with Continent and Bahaman Pirate in the Group One Darley July Cup at Newmarket.