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Every year he's used it to take his employees on a vacation, including a Bahaman cruise and a trip to Walt Disney World.
Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Bahaman government to buy a 51% stake in BTC, with a three-year exclusivity deal to provide mobile services in the country.
Iranian ambassador Bahaman Hosseinpoor said that the two country`s governments are determined to boost trade especially board trade as a supplementary to official trade between the two countries.
Lead researcher Dr Bahaman Guyuron says: "The perceived age of an individual is usually attributed to both genetics and environment in various degrees.
If Eatonville is "nowhere else," Hurston envisioned the muck as somewhere East: a symbolic place of repatriation and renewed presence, a proto-diasporic community in which, "during the summer when she heard the subtle but compelling rhythms of the Bahaman drummers, she'd walk over and watch the dances.
After identifying with money and "the bossman" instead of the natural world and the diasporic community of Bahaman and Indians, during the storm Tea Cake mouths more of Starks' class-conscious and patriarchal point of view.
The white stucco-textured exterior with a tall sweeping expanse of glasswork, Bahaman shutters and patina green roof will include a lake feature wrapping around the front of the store.
Meanwhile, David Nicholls flew the northern flag with style as he put a spoke in the wheels of the Aidan O'Brien juggernaut by landing an amazing one-two with Continent and Bahaman Pirate in the Group One Darley July Cup.
a Bahaman corporation, intends to become a fully integrated energy company whose interests will include traditional oil and gas and alternative energy sources, environmental infrastructure and electrical micro-power generation.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran-Turkey trade value stood at $20 billion in 2012, Iranian Ambassador to Ankara Bahaman Hosseinpour announced.
The Bahaman tourism minister has said that a major resort is to be re-opened in Grand Bahama.
of Canada, Commonwealth Industrial Bank was the first bank in the Bahamas to offer services to working Bahamans.