Bahama Islands

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We do not know whether the current breeding population in the Bahama Islands represents a recent colonization or has been overlooked.
We conclude the Bahama Islands supports an aggregate population in the vicinity of 500-1,000 pairs.
The birds of New Providence and the Bahama Islands.
Additional observations on the birds of the Exumas, Bahama Islands.
In 1973 The Bahama Islands gain independence from Great Britain, and became a sovereign nation on July 10, ending 325 years of British rule.
On Grand Bahama Island, visitors to Freeport/Lucaya can head to the International Bazaar and the Port Lucaya Marketplace.
OTC Bulletin Board: SDOT), the Tampa-based oceangraphic company that specializes in the search and recovery of deep water shipwrecks, announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with Spanish Main Treasure Company of Tavernier, Florida, to conduct search and recovery operations in the Bahama Islands.
and provides service to nine destinations in Florida and five destinations in the Bahama Islands, operating a fleet of 21 19-passenger and 36-passenger turboprop aircraft.