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Then they knocked up a little place for him at the bottom of the garden, about quarter of a mile from the house, and made him take the machine down there when he wanted to work it; and sometimes a visitor would come to the house who knew nothing of the matter, and they would forget to tell him all about it, and caution him, and he would go out for a stroll round the garden and suddenly get within earshot of those bagpipes, without being prepared for it, or knowing what it was.
There is, it must be confessed, something very sad about the early efforts of an amateur in bagpipes.
You want to be in good health to play the bagpipes.
Its atmosphere was oppressive and disagreeable; it was crowded, noisy, and confusing; half the pupils dropped asleep, or fell into a state of waking stupefaction; the other half kept them in either condition by maintaining a monotonous droning noise, as if they were performing, out of time and tune, on a ruder sort of bagpipe.
Poor world champion piper Jennifer Hutcheon was frogmarched across the airport by police and soldiers merely because she wanted to carry her bagpipes in her hand baggage.
CAT & BAGPIPES INN CLEARLY-MARKED pathways, including a section of the Coast to Coast Route pass through gently rolling countryside on the north side of East Harlsey, between the A19 and East Coast Railway Line.
A FORMER Bahrain resident who played the bagpipes at several major functions has died in Glasgow.
Two clues intrigued Jenny King, a physician at the University Hospital of South Manchester in England: The patient played the bagpipes daily.
A WOMAN discovered her dad's death was connected to playing bagpipes after he was used as a case study in a medical journal report.
Over 300 pupils will benefit from opportunities to learn Highland dance and bagpipes.
Edinburgh, Aug 13 (ONA) Air Corporal Athari bint Marhoon al-Harrasiyah from the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) got the international training certificate from the National Center for Bagpipes in Scotland.
Frankie Dettori celebrated 30 years in newmarket yesterday by being serenaded by his favourite instrument before racing on the July course - the bagpipes.
Leave those bagpipes at home if they contain ivory and you're trying to cross parts of the Canadian border.