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capital and largest city of Iraq

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"The security forces in the Baghdad Operations Command released a hijacked woman and captured the three hijackers, including a woman, in the Karrada district.
On streets throughout Baghdad, people lay down their wares, hoping that buyers will be interested in the screws, pipes, sneakers, computers, soccer balls, AK-47s, and grenade launchers they have likely stolen.
and allied troops were never attacked by chemical or biological weapons, it seems odd that Saddam's regime refused to use them to stop the relentless allied drive to Baghdad. With Saddam gone and most of Iraq securely in allied hands, military teams hunting for WMDs failed to find solid evidence of their existence.
Yet, despite the continued bomb threat - at least five were killed in twin attacks on Sunday morning - Baghdad is witnessing a mall-building boom.
The siege fears in Baghdad stem from recent gains made by the Islamic State group in the so-called Baghdad Belt -- the final stretch between Anbar province, where the group gained ground in Janaury, and Baghdad.
A third car bomb exploded in a commercial street in western Baghdad, killing four persons and wounding 14 others, police said.
A source at the Interior Ministry's Baghdad Operations Command told KUNA that seven Iraqis were killed and 23 others wounded when a car bombing attack took place at the southeastern New Baghdad neighborhood.
Baghdad : Bombings in Iraq, including a series of blasts mainly targeting some areas of Baghdad, killed at least 29 people and wounded 70 yesterday, security and medical officials said.
The flight was accompanied by receptions in both Sharjah and Baghdad airports followed by a press conference in Baghdad City.
The first explosions occurred in downtown Hilla, some 100 km south of Baghdad when two car bombs were detonated near a restaurant in central the city, killing at least 20 people and wounded 38 others, a police source told Xinhua, asking not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media.
"We have no problem with any deals, but they have to be according to the Iraqi constitution and laws that govern relations between Baghdad and the Kurdish region," said Ali al-Moussawi, an adviser to Iraq's president, according to ( the BBC.
Emirates held a gala dinner in Baghdad last night (October 11) to mark the occasion.
Speaking to IRNA reporter, an economic expert at Iran`s Embassy in Baghdad said that the new direct flights will be launched from Tehran to Baghdad and Mashhad to Najaf.
The New York Times today announced the launch of new Baghdad-based blog, "Baghdad Bureau: Iraq from the Inside." A release states that it will be "a new blog supplementing The Times' Reach of War coverage by providing insights and stories about daily life in Baghdad and what it is like living outside the Green Zone."
Sullivan, vice director for strategic plans and policy within the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivered a briefing in which he warned that al-Qaeda hoped to "revive the caliphate," with its capital in Baghdad. President Bush himself has warned darkly that after controlling Iraq, Islamic militants will "establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia."