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capital and largest city of Iraq

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Bagdhad [Iraq], Jan 16 ( ANI ): The death toll in twin suicide bombings in Iraq's capital Baghdad on Monday has risen to 38, the local media reports.
Graeme added: "I heard recently through contacts in Bagdhad that everything was going to be OK with my son - that he was one of the first who was going to be released.
Also in Bagdhad a policeman was wounded by a bomb, and a girl, eight, in a blast in Mosul.
She was speaking at the end of a tour of Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's constituency of Blackburn, Lancashire, and just before flying off for a surprise visit to Bagdhad with him.
military bases similar to those constructed in Germany and Japan after World War II, and the construction of a $500 million embassy in Bagdhad.
An explosion in central Bagdhad Picture: JIM MacMILLAN
Horrific video footage showing the beheading of Mr Armstrong was broadcast on a web site and his body believed to be his was later recovered at the side of a road in Bagdhad.
If you talk to women throughout Bagdhad, from the brave few who venture out to beauty salons--some of which are now being targeted by fundamentalist groups--to many others at their dining tables, "This is liberation?
They would stop us because we had no protection in front of us," said SGT Evans of 2nd Battalion 7th Infantry Regiment and 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, among the frontline infantry and cavalry troops that led the northward push to Bagdhad.
Newspaper reports have piously and rather repetitiously trotted out a party line on the importance of the collections of the Iraq Museum in Bagdhad, and have even illustrated some of its most significant pieces, but there has been little explanation about what makes it such an invaluable resource for the study of Mesopotamian art, and there has also been a distinct tendency for it to hog the limelight.
That they matter to people on a fundamental level became clear in the aftermath of the war in Iraq, when a horrified world witnessed the sacking of the country's National Museum in Bagdhad.