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a state of Uganda and site of a former Bantu kingdom

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Eroticism, sexuality, and "women's secrets" among the Baganda. IDS Bulletin 2006; 37(5): 89-97.
For hundreds of years before Europeans appeared in Uganda, the leading tribe, the Baganda, had made war against neighboring tribes for loot, land and slaves.
Other accounts of the Baganda written around the same time offer more examples of the uses of different parts of the banana plant for food, and the leaves for wrapping, storage, and protection from rain.
The expansionist aims of the Baganda court and its openness to foreign influences and new technologies in the mid-nineteenth century meant that Muslim traders from the 1860s and Anglican and Catholic missionaries from 1877 were considered useful to Baganda aspirations.
I studied the Acholi with respect to Kwon Kal (Millet bread), The Iteso (Atap), the Baganda (Matooke), The Bahima (milk and its products), the Bagisu (Malewa), The Basoga (Sweet Potatoes), the Bakiga (Obushera), the Lugbara (Inya) and the Alur (Angara).
In a presentation to the 2006 African Feminist Forum, Sylvia Tamale notes, "Through a socio-cultural analysis of the Institution of Ssenga (sexual initiation by the paternal aunt), I discovered how the evolution of Ssenga practices has allowed Baganda women to negotiate agency, autonomy and self-knowledge about their sexuality." REPORT OF THE AFRICAN FEMINIST FORUM 12 (2006), available at http://www.africalffeministforum.com/wpcontent/uploads/2010/10/AFF-2006- Report.pdf.
In the case of Uganda, this last stage involved the superimposition of British administration over local rulers, who either gained from the arrangement (especially Baganda notables) or at least reached an acceptable level of imposition at the time.
Lexicostatistical analyses such as the one conducted by Kembo-Sure (12) between Olusuba, the language of the Suba people, and Luganda, spoken by the Baganda, among other languages actually demonstrate that the Abasuba are Bantu, of the Niger-Congo affiliation, and that their language exhibits a high linguistic intelligibility with Luganda.
Eroticism, sensuality and 'women's secrets' among the Baganda. IDS Bulletin.
(6) On February 24, 1966, President Milton Obote of Uganda modified the 1962 Constitution, which gave certain privileges to the Baganda, the largest single ethnic group of Uganda and residents of the region known as Buganda.
Violence flared as soldiers tried to clear members of the powerful Baganda tribe from an historic royal tomb after it was destroyed in a fire.
The country's presidential guard opened fire at members of the Baganda ethnic group on Wednesday, after rioters tried to stop Yoweri Museveni, the Ugandan president, from visiting the destroyed tombs, officials said.
Ethnic groups: Baganda, Banyankole, Bahima, Bakiga, Banyarwanda, Bunyoro, Batoro, Langi, Acholi, Lugbara, Karamojong, Basoga, Bagisu, and others.
Vivid coverage was being broadcast of the Ugandan police and army being called out to quell street demonstrations protesting the government's decision to deny the Baganda King permission to visit an area of the country that has a disputed provenance.