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Synonyms for bagger

a workman employed to pack things into containers

a machine for putting objects or substances into bags

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A RedEye announcement quoted the frequent "Five on Five" contributor, Bag Boy, who wears a shopping bag over his head: "Facebook is for delusional people with too much time on their hands.
All Bag Boy electric carts are backed by a two-year warranty on the cart frame, motor, and gearbox, as well as a one-year warranty on all other pads, including the battery.
lo cierto es que uno regresa del trabajo de bag boy, se quita el delantal de bag boy, y durante un tiempo, baj o palio de aire acondicionado, tiene que ir tratando de que el cuerpo vaya licuando, o perdiendo, todo ese sol que en un parqueo, y conduciendo un carrito, uno ha estado acumulando dentro de si.
Wallace Saunders, the longest serving Bar employee hired October 29, 1970, was only 15 when he accepted a part-time and summer job at the Bar, his third job after delivering newspapers and working as a bag boy at a grocery store.
From: Peter Bart You may know a lot about supermarkets, Ron, but when it comes to dealing with the press you're still a bag boy.
Forty-five years ago, Darrell Deal landed a job as bag boy at the Better Buy Market in Stockton, California.
She said something about the gas savings, the parking hassle, the hour and a half spent in-store, the bag boy tip, the lugging of the parcels to and from the car, and suggested that perhaps I'd like to do the shopping at the store myself.
When I worked at Safeway, as a stock boy, as a bag boy, as a stocker of shelves, sweeper of floors, a guy said to me (and I was a virgin at the time so I couldn't answer him truthfully so I lied), he says, "I'm told that you're not really a man until you've had sex with a black woman.
When Ron Plomgren was 14 years old, he was paid 50 cents an hour to work as a bag boy at a Longs Drug Store in Alameda.
disappointment that the grocery-store bag boy doesn't see her as a
Sooner or later any hunter who schlepps guns around on a regular basis and knows that it's like to hand them over to some bag boy en route will switch over to the heavy-duty, heliarc-welded aluminum jobs.
Meet Orville Roth, chief wearer of the green bow tie and apron that mark the 800 employees of the 11 Foodliners that bear his name -- and chief bag boy as well.
For now, I'm happy to let the bag boy carry out the packages and place them in the car for me.
The friendliness and sevice is emphasized at the front end, where checkers unload the groceries, ring them up and pass them to a bag boy who carries them to the car.
Muqeet, popularly known as the Paper Bag Boy of Abu Dhabi was just eight when a school discussion on the harmful effect of plastic bags prompted him to make paper bags.