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a racketeer assigned to collect or distribute payoff money

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Kidderminster's Nick Hunter answered the call from the American, who left his own bag man in the States as he was forced to go through qualifying for The Open.
In that era of do-it-now optimism, government was neither a bad man to be tarred and feathered nor a bag man to collect campaign contributions, but an instrument to help the most vulnerable in our society.
Steward claims he is merely a bag man for Hamed, with Suarez retaining sole control of the champion's corner.
But Gre dg But his bag man Damon Green insisted he is a different animal on the golf course after his dogged, determined style saw him bring home a second Major.
Top bag man Tom was fishing two CDCs with a buzzer in the middle and caught his fish in the cages and the east of Inchmahome.
If you thought Gordon Brown was dour, his Treasury bag man was worse.
Since that memorable week in Detroit life has not been such plain sailing for Casey and his bag man.
PAY HATTENTION: Ricky playfully tests Scott's chin before our man (inset, top) becomes Ricky's bag man then gets taken under the champ's wing (centre) before Ricky starts serious sparring (bottom); IT'S FOR REAL: Ricky in action in the ring; BELTER: Champ Hatton
He was met at the airport by the team's bag man and a man who spoke no English whose identity remained a mystery.
Last year at Royal Lytham, Woosie's bag man Miles Byrne packed 15 clubs - one more than allowed.
Harrington had to cope with an injury to his caddie at the turn yesterday as his bag man limped to the last.
20 in the bag Man United can now set their sights on Wednesday and the game the world is waiting for.
Monty's bag man has 18 years' experience in his locker as he walks through his fifth Ryder Cup appearance He has seen it all, wins and losses, tears and cheers.
Rose turned to the bubbly bag man after missing three successive cuts following his fifth-placed finish at the US Open in June writes Neil Ashton.
The most underrated part of success is a good bag man.