Bad Lands

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an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska

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McCannell, Alberta 'Bad Lands' Once Habitat of 45 Species of Dinosaur," Calgary Daily Herald 19 Oct.
The barren area known as the Bad Lands is in which two US states?
But even if they are entirely when the US tries to go into these bad lands to fight irrelevant to the phenomenon, that would be no the enemy, it is hard to find.
Political pundits believe the uncertainty will help the country's army to further delay America's high pitched demand for military strikes in North Waziristan to wipe out Al-Qaeda and Taliban ally groups, who are freely operating in the country's tribal bad lands.
In Roosevelt's words: "The country has widely different aspects in different places; one day I would canter hour after hour over the level green grass, or through miles of wild rose thickets, all in bloom; on the next I would be amidst the savage desolation of the Bad Lands, with their dreary plateaus, fantastically shaped buttes and deep, winding canyons.
TWO more soldiers perish in the Afghanistan bad lands.
Sternberg had self-published several memoirs of his life's work, including Hunting Dinosaurs in the Bad Lands of the Red Deer River, Alberta Canada in 1917, in which he described his dream of taking Maud on an imagined tour of the Cretaceous Period and its amazing creatures.
The Hot Kid (Weidenfeld, pounds 12.99) is something of a return to his roots as a writer of Westerns, for although updated to the 1930s and set in the bad lands of Oklahoma, this is basically a quickest-the-draw, US Marshals versus bank robbers yarn set to a "Duelling Banjo" soundtrack.
Mike's time in the bad lands of Liverpool inspired his first book, Chasing The Dragons, the story of his fight against the drug barons.