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the branch of medical science that studies bacteria in relation to disease

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Provision of "in vitro diagnostic medical devices not related to apparatus for bacteriology, Mycology, Hygiene reagents (isolation, Identification, Serotyping, Susceptibility testing or antifungograms) and associated services" for all the public assistance - hospitals of paris.
A science historian examines the origins of the field of medical bacteriology and the life of one of its founders.
Gradmann (history of medicine, University of Oslo) presents a biography of Koch's scientific career and the development of the field of bacteriology.
PROGRESS is being made in producing an effective live vaccine to combat strangles, according to Andrew Waller, head of bacteriology at the Animal Health Trust.
This 35-year old company has an international reputation for quality services and testing in Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Chemistry and Packaging.
5-cu-ft capacity, offering flexibility for large-scale applications involving cell aeration, metabolism studies, bacteriology and cell culturing.
We have sequenced and assembled the complete genome of Pichia stipitis, a native xylose-fermenting yeast," said Thomas Jeffries, research microbiologist and a professor of bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Bacteriology of otorrhea: Polymerase chain reaction versus cultures.
Against this view, Meyer and Cotton posed a novel paradigm based on the germ theory of disease and the new sciences of bacteriology and virology.
Marie graduated from high school in 1942 and Immaculate Heart College in 1946 with a degree in bacteriology.
will report their findings on the effect of the substance on helicobacter pylori at a meeting of the Japanese Society for Bacteriology in Tokyo in April, they said.
Candidates will study a variety of modules, including bacteriology, personal and workplace hygiene and temperature control, all of which are basic requirements of the 1990 Food Safety Act.
That Dutchman Anton van Leeuwenhoek is the founder of bacteriology and protozoology (the study of protozoa--the name for animal-like single-celled organisms)?
His spent 18 years as chief of the Oklahoma State Department of Health's public health laboratory and two years as its director of sanitary bacteriology.